Marketing services as a business activity of your company

Marketing services as a business activity of your company

If you have been considering choosing marketing services as a business activity of your company in Slovenia, wait no further! Expand your existing business or establish a new company to Slovenia, EU and provide your marketing services to clients in Slovenia and other EU countries.

Every business needs to market its products or services in order to be competitive. But not every company or individual has the appropriate skills or time to devote it to marketing of the product or company. Experienced marketing specialists or companies are sought after and are very flexible as it is only vital that they are good with available marketing tools. We are presenting you with the essentials which you have to consider, if you plan on registering marketing as a business activity of your company in Slovenia, EU

What falls under marketing services as a business activity?

Marketing is a term, which the American society AMA (American Marketing Association) has defined as an activity, series of institutions and processes to create, communicate, broker and exchange offers, which have a value to consumers, buyers, partners and the entire community. Marketing services include a wide specter of activities, set to achieve the same goal. Therefore the company would have to register a wide selection of activities in order to cover all sectors of work.

Marketing services as business in Slovenia, EU

In order to start providing the service, the entrepreneur would have to register a company in Slovenia first. A non-EU citizen can register a LTD company in Slovenia and then register the appropriate business activity.

As mentioned above, there are several sectors which the marketing services can cover when providing the business activity. The main business activity which you have to register is connected to the activity of advertisement companies (SKD code 73.110). It encompasses an array of advertisement services and consultation, as well as the preparations and creation of advertisement material. It includes the preparation of advertisement campaigns, regardless of the medium (newspaper, magazines, radio, television, and internet), space or instrument. The planning of advertisement stands and other exhibition spaces is also included, as well as promotion activities and advertisement with direct mail. consultation from the field of advertisment is also a part of this business activity.

Marketing services – brokerage of advertisement space

The business activity of the brokerage of advertisement space (SKD code 73.120) includes all brokerage or advertisement space and time-slots of different mediums.

Marketing services – public relations

The business activity of public relations (70.210) encompasses all consultation, guidance and operative assistance to companies and other organizations with PR related activities.

Marketing services – market research

The Standard Qualification (SKD 2008) foresees the business activity of market research and public opinion research (SKD code 73.200) to include the research of market potential, acceptance and knowledge of products with the consumers and analyzing the shopping behavior of consumers.

Marketing services – business consultation

You can also register other entrepreneurial or business consultation (SKD code 70.220). This includes a wide array of consultation activities and most are closely related with marketing services. It may include consultation from the field of marketing services and HR policy, assistance with planning and organization of the business.

Marketing services – data processing

If you would also provide computer processing of data and sorting of data for the client, you would also have to register the business activity of data processing and other related activities (SKD code 63.110) in addition to the rest.

Marketing services – company registration

Foreign entrepreneurs can register your company at our One-Stop Shop free-of-charge. Our offices are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. You can also come beforehand to receive consultation on the chosen business activities.

If you decide to register a LTD company, all shareholders and directors have to be present at the One-Stop Shop. You would need to bring with you:

  • Slovenian tax number for all the directors and owners of the company.
  • Statement of the owner of the place where your company will be registered.
  • Valid passport of all shareholders and employees.

We can obtain Slovenian tax number for you in advance based on the power of attorney. We also provide services of virtual office and business address, if you do not have an address which you would use as your business seat in Slovenia.

At this point, you would also have to already have chosen the name for the company and choose the appropriate business activities. Should you have doubts about the business activites, you can consult the business advisor, who would be handling the registration. Our legal department can also assist you to understand whether the chosen business activities require permits or licenses.

When choosing a company name, you have to make sure that if differs from other companies, which already exist. We can check if the name you have envisioned is still available. For that we would only need the Slovenian tax number from one of the future shareholders.

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