How can foreign nationals register a company in Slovenia?

How can foreign nationals register a company in Slovenia?

The start of the New Year can also mean a new start when it comes to starting a business in Europe. Slovenia provides a unique possibility to offer your services or products within the EU. The country is within the EU zone with a stable economy and good working conditions. We receive inquiries about how a foreign national can start a business in Slovenia and will be explaining the procedures in this article.

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Can a foreign national register a company in Slovenia?

The answer to this question is brief – yes, a foreign national can register a company in Slovenia. As a natural person, they can register an LTD company with 7500€ share capital. In the process, you would only need to obtain the Slovenian tax number for shareholders and representatives. At the time of company registration, you would need to provide a business address for your company.

Foreign nationals also have the possibility to register a branch office or a subsidiary, providing that they have an existing LTD company abroad. A branch office would not require your physical presence for the registration, nor depositing share capital. Whereas a subsidiary is still an LTD company, where you need to provide 7500€ share capital. But in this case the owner would be a foreign legal entity.

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