Get a work permit in Slovenia before toughening of the law

Work permit in Slovenia

From the 1st September 2015 on the law regarding a work permit and residence permit for non-EU citizens (foreigners) will be changed. Introduced changes will at one side simplify a process of obtaining a work permit and residence permit in Slovenia, while on the other side, conditions for obtaining of both permits is going to be tightened.

Moreover, the new legislation is also introducing changes for the conditions of obtaining a work permit for foreign representatives. According to current legislation, it is possible to obtain a work permit for foreign representative on the basis of investment in sum of 22.500 EUR in fixed assets or 6 months from registration of company show profit in the amount of two minimum Slovenian salaries.

Future law on obtaining work permit in Slovenia presuppose that foreign representative will be able to apply for work permit in case it fulfils one of the following conditions:

  • Investment into fixed assets in amount of 50.000 EUR
  • There is one person employed in company for at least 6 months for full-time
  • Company shows revenue for every month for the last 6 months in amount of 10.000 EUR

New legislation offers also many advantages, as it is introducing the unique permit, according to principle – “All at one point”, for each foreigner that applies for unique work permit in order to work or live in Slovenia.

Regardless the changes in legislation, there is no reason for you to worry, even after September! In case you have a good business plan, your plan is to actively operate in the Republic of Slovenia, to expand your operations to the territory of the EU, to employ stuff, and at the same time to make everything in the shortest possible time frame, the new legislation will be very convenient for you!

According to future law, foreign representatives, who do not have in plan to be employed in Slovenia, and at the same time, wish to freely fulfill all of the tasks of representative, will have right to sign a short-term employment for representative, on the basis of which, it will be possible to obtain residence permit in Slovenia for not more than three months during one year.

We will be glad to be at your service and we will offer you support in order to fulfil conditions for obtaining work permit and company registration be it, according to current or future legislation.

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