The procedure of buying a real estate in Slovenia

The procedure of buying a real estate in Slovenia

Buying a real estate in Slovenia is for many people one of the most important procedures that we make in life.

In order to avoid unnecessary complications and the subsequent unpleasant consequences it is welcome to be familiar with the procedure and observe the process of buying the real estate in Slovenia.

Steps before buying a real estate in Slovenia?

The first step you need to do before buying is to check the details and status of the real estate in the land register (if the property is mortgaged, is the vendor who sold us the property also an owner; …). The land register is a public register and it is accessible free of charge also via the web portal.

When you get all the data about the property and agree with the seller about the value of the real estate and other details of the sale, you must write up a sales contract.

We recommend you to trust the preparation of the sales contract to a legal specialist, who will include in the contract all necessary points, so the sale well be safe for both sides.

Sales contract must include following points:

  • Information about a seller
  • Information about real estate
  • Cost of real estate and method of payment
  • any other mortgage and encumbrance of real estate
  • resolution of the seller, pursuant to which the customer is entered as the owner in the land registry.

At the procedure of sale of the real estate in Slovenia, transfer of ownership of real estate in Slovenia is amortized and in the case if VAT is not accrued and paid (NEP), the transaction is subject to tax in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the tax on real estate.

Once paid tax liabilities, it is necessary to certify the contract signed at the notary.

Buyer will be the owner of the real estate only when he is entered in the land registry as the owner of the real estate. The procedure of registration in the land register can be issued by a notary or in person at the competent court. Our lawyers can provide you with full support and advice before purchasing real estate and in the process of buying real estate.

Third-country nationals (with some exceptions) do not have the right to acquire property as individuals, but they can buy property as legal entities. If you are interested in purchasing a real estate, we propose to consider to establish a company and on the basis of the company in Slovenia purchase real estate. Experts in our company, together with our lawyers and partner real estate agencies, will provide you full support in the search for and acquisition of real estate.

If you have more questions about the acquisition of real estate in Slovenia, contact our experts by email or call 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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