Rent a property in Slovenia, Europe – business idea

Rent a property in Slovenia, Europe - business idea

Rent a property in Slovenia, Europe

Are you searching for a good business idea in Europe? To sell and rent a property in Slovenia is one of the easiest and most ubiquitious way to start a business. To lease a real estate in Slovenia is also a way of recieving a stable montly income.

Rent a property in Slovenia – first step

If you want to sell and rent a property in Slovenia, you do not have to open a real estate agency. Registering a real estate in Slovenia requires obtaining different licences. In order to avoid that, you can open your own company in Slovenia and register the relevant activity. You can sell and rent a property, which belongs to your company or company’s leased permises.

If you wisely choose the location of your real estate, you will not have any problems finding tenants. In Slovenia it is a bit easier to rent residential property then commercial property. Renting rooms to students proves as a good investment.

Rent a property in Slovenia – how to start a business?

As a foreigner citizen, you can register a LTD in Slovenia immediatelly. For the procedure you will need to obtain certain documents, but if you do not have time to come to Slovenia before the registration, we can obtain the documents for you.

You can register a company in Slovenia in one day. Firstly, you Will have the procedure of the registration. It can be done in our offices in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. Secondly, you Will have to go to the bank to open a bank account and deposit the starting capital. The starting capital for LTD type of company is minimum 7.500 eur.

In a few days after that your company Will be officially registered.

Rent a property in Slovenia – work and residence permit

To sell and rent a property in Slovenia can also help you with obtaining the work and residence permit in Slovenia. To obtain it, the company has to meet one of the following conditions:

  • invest 50.000 eur in the fixed assets of your company in the period of 6 months from the registration
  • have one person employed in the company for 6 months
  • have a turnover of 10.000 eur every month for 6 months continuously
  • based on your high education

If you decide to sell and rent a property in Slovenia, the best possibillity for you is to obtain the permit based on the investment in the fixed assets of your company. The procedure of obtaining the permit takes about 60 days.

Accounting service, legal support and business address – all in one place

Here at Data we can offer you all the services that a foreign entrepreneur needs. We have experienced accountants and an accounting service for more than 28 years. Our legal advisors can help you with legal matters and business migration to Slovenia. If you do not have a business address in Slovenia, we can offer you ours in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. We also have a service of virtual office.

Rent a property in Slovenia – more questions?

If you have more questions on how to rent a property in Slovenia or any question regarding business migration to Slovenia, you can contact us. Our email is: You can also call us on: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, What’s up).

You can also find us on Facebook.

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