Can non-EU citizen open a company in Slovenia

Can non-EU citizen open a company in Slovenia

Have you’ve been thinking about your future plans lately, and were asking yourself can non-EU citizen open a company in Slovenia? Well we are happy to tell you that it is possible! And actually it is not complicated at all. Especially if you have the right help on your side! The help of more than 40 experts with more than 30 years of experience with company registration in Slovenia. So don’t wait! Open a company today with us – DATA d.o.o.!

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Why you should choose Slovenia?

Slovenia is a small country, compared to other EU country, but maybe that is her charm. Also it has a perfect location in the EU business pool and that is why it ios one of the most popular choices of many  entrepreneurs. Also along with its proximity to the sea and an international port in Koper, is a big advantage. In addition, Slovenia is a member of the European Union and the Schengen zone, which eases trade between EU member states. Want to learn more about non EU citizens establishing a business in Slovenia? Then, you can apply for our free webinar on company registration!

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How can non-EU citizen open a company in Slovenia?

Third country foreigners most often register a limited liability company. To register a company in Slovenia, DATA can help you. In order for a foreign national to be able to register ltd, they need a minimum share capital of EUR 7,500. In addition, all EU as well as non EU citizens must obtain a Slovenian tax number before they start with registration process.

Do you want to find out more? Would you like to know what documents are required to open a company in Slovenia as a non EU citizen? Our experts at Data will give you support in the process of opening a company. In this way you will also get all the answers. And you can also start in just few steps! Write us an email to

How to employ foreigners?

Who can you hire after opening a company? If you want to hire a citizen of the EU you can do it immediately. You do not need to obtain a prior work permit for their employment. But for all non EU citizens, on the other hand, you will have to apply for the work and residence permit.

In addition, you have to be aware, that opening a company does not automatically give you the right to work and live in Slovenia. Even if you are the owner and the director of the company Following company registration, the company must meet one of the three requirements in order to be able to ask for work and residence permits. They are listed below:

  • Investment of at least 50 000 EUR in fixed assets,
  • or one EU citizen working full time in the company for at least 6 months,
  • the company has at least 10.000 EUR monthly revenue for at least 6 months in a row.

How to be qualified for business immigration to Slovenia? Your company needs to meet one of these conditions. Are you still not sure how to proceed? Don’t loose your time! Give us a call on VIber/WhatsApp +386 40 530 718 and we will provide you with complete support.

Start your own business in Slovenia now!

Foreigners can set up a company easily with us at Data!

We help with opening companies and advise on the procedures for residence and employment in Slovenia. Also we will assist you in the process of obtaining all documentation.

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