Reasons for business immigration to Slovenia

Reasons for business immigration to Slovenia

Are you interested in the reasons for business immigration to Slovenia? You can’t choose from the countries from the European Union? We will write you the reasons, why a business immigration to Slovenia is a good idea. Foreign entrepreneurs, who are considering of expanding their business or opening a new company, have to answer several questions concerning business immigration.

Main reasons for business immigration to Slovenia

  • Slovenia has a favorable tax regime for businesses
  • It has an advantageous economic and geographical position
  • The legislative system is favorable to newly established companies
  • The possibility to register a company in a single day and receiving judicial confirmation within 5 days – in our office
  • Entry to the European market
  • Slovenia is a very safe and peaceful country
  • Drinking water and a good climate
  • Good opportunities for education and student exchange

We can help you at every step of the business immigration to Slovenia. When you decide for the business immigration, we can prepare the documents that are necessary for the company registration. After you opened the company, we can prepare a set of documents, necessary for obtaining a single residence permit for working and living in Slovenia. We can always help you to answer any kind of questions and offer you support throughout the process of business immigration.

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