Economy of Slovenia receives a boost: new governmental measures

Economy of Slovenia receives a boost new governmental measures

Recently, the economy of Slovenia received another boost. The government accepted new round of interventive measures to help support the economy after coronavirus outbreak. This is good news for business in Slovenia, as it is oriented mostly for helping businesses that were affected by the consequences.

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What are the major elements of the new round of measures to support the Slovenian economy?

The government adopted the new measures to support the Slovenian economy and the major elements include:

  • co-financing salaries of employees who have been waitlisted. The co-financing is extended until the end of July and it will be possible to expect two more extensions, until the end of September. The co-financing will also amount 80% of the employee’s salary.
  • the subsidy for the compensation in case of prescribed quarantine until 30.9.2020 will be paid by the government. The subsidies are the following: 80% of the employee came into contact with an infected person; 100% if this happened at the workplace and 80% if the employee went on vacation to a country on the green or yellow list. If the employees knowingly went on vacation to a country on the red list (epidemiologically unsafe country), they will not be entitled for the compensation.
  • now, the public can use tourist vouchers also for accommodation at seasonal providers to support the economy.

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