The best business destination in the world: Slovenia is amongst them

The best business destination in the world: Slovenia is amongst them!

Slovenia was ranked amongst the list of 20 world countries, which enjoy the reputation of a »best business destination« because of its economy supported by a stable financial system.

It was ranked at the 20th place, which is quite an enviable result that we should be proud of. Foreigners see a potential for doing business in Slovenia and good conditions, which the country offers, and we at Data are also a little »to blame« for his – day in and day out we note bigger and tighter collaborations with business clients that are coming to Slovenia from abroad.

Best business destination: Green Ljubljana

The magazine New European Economy has prepared a list of this year’s best business destinations. They wrote that the new climate of the European economy lures business men and women abroad; more and more people are educated, there are more opportunities and financial stimulation, better financial and political atmosphere and trade openness. Foreign businessmen are coming to Slovenia for the past couple of years because they recognize the potential of a good combination of business and leisure, diversity, short distances and qualified people. You can also read about Slovenia as a strong business destination in the article Slovenia – the best country for business in the area of former Yugoslavia.

The magazine wrote that the Slovenian financial market is growing and strengthening and they also mention the program of internationalization. Slovenia was ranked on the list because it is able to attract a high number of foreign investors and this number will get bigger in the next years. The Slovenian goal is to strengthen the economy even further by leaning on the financial program of support for the period until 2020. They emphasize that a part of this role was played by the capital Ljubljana itself. Ljubljana received the title Green Capital of Europe for 2016 and it attracts more and more foreign visitors and tourists. Anyone, who is considering to make Ljubljana or Slovenia in general their business destination, can find answers about it in the article A work permit in Slovenia for foreign citizens.

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