Car parts and motor vehicle equipment store

Car parts store business in Slovenia, EU

Would you like to deal with selling car parts and equipment for motor vehicles in Slovenia? You can open a company at our “VEM” point fast and easy and register the “car parts store” activity.

Car parts store as wholesale and retail or sales intermediation

To establish a company at our offices is very simple and free of charge. Before registering your company is good to get all the information that you may need. You can read more in the article: Private Limited company – LTD in Slovenia. If you will have more questions, you can contact us, and we will be happy to help you out. Our referent can explain you everything about “car parts store” activity and the conditions to register it.

Car parts and motor vehicle equipment store in divided both into wholesale and retail. It also covers the purchase of goods for resale, whether imported or exported. Among others, it likewise includes selling car tire tubes, spark plugs, batteries, accessories and other parts for motor vehicles.

Retailers and wholesalers with car parts and equipment for motor vehicles also include intermediation in the sale of these products. Thus, in the classification of activities, there are two separate activities “Wholesale of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles” (number 45.310) and “Retail of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles” (number 45.320).

Selling car parts does not include fuel trade. It falls under the following activities: “Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels” (number 46.710), “Retail trade of own motor fuels” (number 47.301) and “Agents involved in retail sale of motor fuels” (number 47.302).

Car parts store in Slovenia – the conditions

Car parts and motor vehicle equipment store is an activity that is regulated and requires that the operator carries out minimal technical and spatial conditions for its pursuit. He also has to keep information on merchandise and have an appropriate opening time, as required by the Law on Trade (ZT-1).

It is also necessary to mention the Metrology Act (Zmer-1), which stipulates that the trader must ensure regular verification of the criteria in his business operations, such as instruments used to carry out their activities.

Additional activities

Shop with car parts can be complemented by online sales. There are more and more providers offering online sales as a sales channel. They must definitely register the activity “Retail by mail or via the Internet” (number 47.910). They can also use vending machines for certain items, thus registering “Other retail stores outside stores, stalls and markets” (number 47.990).

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