Expenses for basic commodities in Slovenia, EU

Expenses for basic commodities in Slovenia, EU

When doing business in Europe, it is good to also be able to assess the expenses one has for basic commodities in a specific country. Those are important both if you plan on living in that country and if you have a company offering services there, so that you know which products might be profitable to sell there. We will be explaining the assessed expenses for basic commodities that households in Slovenia spent their money on in 2018. That way you can have a clearer picture of what to expect, cost-wise, regarding living expenses in Slovenia.

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Households in Slovenia, EU, have spent on average 19.560 EUR for basic commodities in 2018.

The Statistical office of Slovenia (SURS) has assessed the amounts that households spent for basic commodities in 2018. Households in Slovenia have spent half of the complete amount calculated for basic commodities for transportation, food products, non-alcoholic beverages and housing.

For all expenses, households have spent on average 21.360 EUR. From this amount, they spent 19.560 EUR (1.630 EUR per month) on basic commodities. The rest (1.801 EUR) they have spent on other expenses, like renovation.

Households have spent 13% more on basic commodities in 2018 in comparison to the year 2015. The majority of the expenses went for transportation (21,4%), followed by expenses for food and non-alcoholic beverages (14,4%). They also spent 14% on expenses connected to apartments and housing. 11,2% went for various goods and services, while 9,1% went for recreation and culture.

Estimation of the expenses that a family spent in 2018 for basic commodities

The households in Slovenia, consisted of 2,5 members on average in 2018. Below, you can find the average expenses for basic commodities of households in Slovenia, depending on the size of the family:

  • one-member households spent 10.094 EUR; 20% of that for apartment, 18,4% for food and beverages,
  • two-member households spent 17.312 EUR; 19,1% of that for transportation, 15,9% on apartment,
  • three-member households spent 24.636 EUR; 22,9% on transportation, while 13,0% on food and beverages,
  • four-member households spent 28.458 EUR; 24,8% on transportation, 12,4% on food and beverages.

What kind of business opportunities can you draw from these statistics?

The statistics of basic commodities tell us that consumption is increasing, which is a good sign for economic growth but also offers great opportunities for business. As people spent a large amount of their funds for housing, you can consider opening a company and buying property which you can rent out. Due to growing tourism in Slovenia, you can also turn the property into a hotel or offer short-term accommodation to visitors.

Opening a grocery store and selling food and beverages might also be a reasonable idea, as well as opening a restaurant since there is large consumerism for food products and beverages. Also, households in Slovenia spent quite some money on transportation.  You can use this to your advantage by selling transportation vehicles or offering transportation of passengers.

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