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Startup companies in Slovenia

Opportunities for startup companies

Car and bicycle sharing has already brought us the development of new business models, but more can be expected in the future. It is one of the more visible and popular parts of the distribution economy, which also hides the opportunities for startup companies.

Opportunities for startup companies – car sharing

The sharing economy was the subject of the broadcast of Ekoutrinki on Television Slovenia. They also presented our company DATA. Car sharing is a great business opportunity for startup companies. On our VEM point, we register new businesses on a daily basis. We help the entreprenurs with accounting and legal advice. Our experts will also will help them to find startup assets.

We can share cars in two ways. We can share space in a car like passengers. The second option, which is already available to us, is the actual car sharing. This is a short-term rental, where the car is used to overcome shorter distances around the city or for short trips. In Slovenia we have it available from the summer of 2016, and you can rent electric cars in Ljubljana, Murska Sobota, Maribor and Kranj.

“In any case, electric mobility is a business opportunity, even if we look from an ecological point of view,” believes our tax adviser Jure Filip from company Data. You can see more of his tips here: http://4d.rtvslo.si/arhiv/ekoutrinki.

Moreover, the transport of passengers is an interesting business activity.

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If you are searching for an opportunity for startup companies, contact us! Our company Data Will be happy to help you and offer you full business support.

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