Apply for work permit in Slovenia, EU with our help

Apply for work permit in Slovenia, EU

Apply for work permit in Slovenia, EU – non EU citizens

If you are not an EU citizen, you Will have to apply for work permit before you want to start working in Slovenia. You have to submit the documents at the Slovenian Embassy in your home country, or the employer can do it for you at the Administrative unit in Slovenia. In any case you Will have to go to the Embassy, to give finger prints.

The procedure to apply for work permit and obtaining it lasts about 60 days. You Will recieve your card at the slovenian Embassy in your country. At the same time you Will also receive residence permit.

Apply for work permit – what are the conditions?

The company which wants to employ a foreign citizen has to meet one of the following conditions in order to apply for work permit for him/her:

  • invest in the fixed assets of the company in the amount of min. 50.000 eur in the first 6 months of the registration
  • have at least 1 person employed in the company in the last 6 months before applying for the permit
  • have at least 10.000 eur of turnover every month in the last 6 months before applying for the permit
  • if you have at least university degree, you can obtain work permit without meeting the upper mentioned conditions

Apply for work permit – how can we help you?

If you need help with the procedure to apply for work permit, we are the right partner for you. Our company Data is located in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. We have referents and legal advisors who can help you with the procedure to apply for work permit in Slovenia. We Will prepare the package of documents that you need and guide you through the procedure. Our counsultant Will also communicate with the institutions based on the power of attorney.

We can also help you to reunite your family in Slovenia!

Data d.o.o. was presented with the greatest recognition for our work in the 28 years of the company’s existence, as we won the European Enterprise Award in the Improving Business Environment category with the project Programme of Providing Support to Entrepreneurs Aimed at Reducing the Closure Rates of Businesses.

Apply for work permit – your own business

Our company Data offers support to foreign citizens who want to establish a company in Slovenia. You can register your company at our offices. The procedure is free of charge.

Read more about why Slovenia is a country of great business opportunities.

We also offer accounting services, legal and tax counsulting, business address, etc. Our experienced referents can help you with all the steps to start your own business in Slovenia, EU.

More questions? Contact us!

If you have more question on how to apply for work permit in Slovenia or other questions about business migration, you can contact us! Our email is:, telephone number: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).

You can also reach us on Facebook.

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