Rent of real estate in Slovenia – business opportunity

Rent of real estate in Slovenia – business opportunity

When foreigners decide to start their business in Europe by company registration in Slovenia, they often choose to buy real estate in Slovenia through the company. The real estate market has been expanding in Slovenia in the previous years and many foreigners decided to invest in real estate to expand their business scope. When renting real estate, it is also very important to know how to properly prepare the rent agreement between your company and the tenant.

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For more than 28 years, Data d.o.o. has been helping entrepreneurs in starting their business in Slovenia. Our 40 experts also include legal advisors who can prepare your rent agreement according to Slovene legislation. We also provide accounting services, tax consultation and services of virtual office.

Buying real estate in Slovenia, EU

Foreigners are very interested in buying property in Slovenia. But except for citizens of OECD member states, non-EU foreigners cannot buy real estate as natural persons. This means that they have to register a company in order to buy real estate and later rent it. They can register an LTD company with 7.500€ share capital. After company registration, you can buy property and afterwards find suitable tenants to rent the property to.

Rent agreement between your company and the tenant

To legally rent out your company’s apartment or house, you would need to conclude a rent agreement with the tenant. This will ensure a high level of safety for both parties. But the rent agreement has to include the elements that the Housing Law (SZ-1) determines.

The rent agreement has to include at least:

  • description of the property, location, surface, structure, communal equipment, year of construction and use of the property,
  • identification code from the building cadaster,
  • the name of the owner, the tax number of the owner, the name of the tenant and the persons who will use the apartment together with the tenant,
  • stating reasons for possible cancellation,
  • type of rent by category of rental housing,
  • provisions on the mutual obligations of the parties to the use and maintenance of the property and the common parts of the building,
  • the amount of the rent and the manner and deadlines for payment,
  • method of payment and the extent of the costs not covered by the rent,
  • provisions on how the flat to use the flat and time periods for when the owner will check the proper use of the flat,
  • the duration of the lease if the apartment is rented for a fixed period,
  • method of handing over the apartment.

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