Maximum annual leave in Slovenia/EU

Maximum annual leave in SloveniaEU

The annual leave is a labor right that someone gets when entering into a work relationship. The Law on Labor Relations (ZDR-1) says that every worker has to receive at least 4 weeks if he works 5 days a week. However, the annual leave can also be longer. Some collective agreements for the private sector set a maximum amount of the annual leave. What is the maximum annual leave that your workers in Slovenia/EU can receive? If you are thinking of setting up a business in Europe, find out more!

Maximum annual leave – what factors determine the amount of annual leave?

The annual leave can already be extended by +1 day. This is for a worker, who is the parent for each child up to 15 years of age. An older worker with a disability, a worker with at least 60% physical disability and a worker who cares for a child in need of special care can get at least three more days off.

In order to determine the amount of the annual leave for each worker you have to take into account many factors. These are: the age limit, work conditions, difficulties at work, the health status of the worker, the social situation (number and age of children), the age, etc. The annual leave that the worker can get takes into account the collective agreements and the internal acts of the employer. The employer must also hand in the workers by 31.3. at the latest the decree that shows how many days off they will get.

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Annual leave in the collective agreements

For the public sector, the LPFMA (ZUJF) limits the annual leave to a maximum of 35 days. This is without including the additional days of annual leave due to special working conditions for civil servants – this can add up to additional 15 days.

The collective agreement on construction determines the maximum annual leave for a calendar year – 32 days.

Some collective agreements for the private sector specify the maximum annual leave. Others list only the criteria for calculating additional days off. The collective agreement for trade requires, for example, that a worker who performs night work gets a longer annual leave and that he is also subject to special provisions and has to get a night work pay.

Compensation for the annual leave

The employer has to pay the worker with a right to annual leave a compensation. It has to be at least in the amount of the the minimum wage. Do you know the elements of the salary in Slovenia? Our accounting experts can help you with the calculation.

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