Entrance to Slovenia – changed conditions since 25th December 2020

Entrance to Slovenia – changed conditions since 25th December 2020

Crossing borders during an epidemic is not recommended, but many passengers still choose entrance to Slovenia and other countries for such and other reasons. Last week, in the light of new measures during the holidays, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia tightened the conditions for entrance into Slovenia from the countries on the red list. Crossing the borders will now undergo a number of changes that have been in force since 25 December 2020. What are they?

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Crossing borders: different conditions for entrance to Slovenia!

The Decree on determining the conditions for entrance into the Republic of Slovenia due to the containment and control of the infectious disease COVID-19 envisages a number of changes in regards to border crossings.

  1. Entrance to Slovenia and color lists of countries

The decree no longer sets out a green (epidemiologically safe country) and an orange list (an epidemiologically less safe country). Only the red list remains (countries at high risk of infection). If the country is not on the red list, there is no high risk of infection and persons coming from these countries or administrative units of countries can enter the Republic of Slovenia without quarantine or submitting a negative test.

  1. Entrance to Slovenia and validity of a negative test

The exception to entry without quarantine remains the submitting of a negative test result, which is not older than 24 hours. Otherwise, passengers have to go into quarantine. Only PCR tests qualify.

Entrance to Slovenia without test and quarantine: who is eligible?

Only seven exceptions exist to cross borders without a referral or quarantine decision or a negative test result, namely:

  • cross-border daily labor migrant who is an employee in one of the Member States of the European Union or another country of the Schengen area. They have to have proof of this or a signed statement with which they can substantiate the reason for crossing the border as a daily labor migrant and return within 14 hours after crossing the border;
  • a person who has been seconded to or from the international transport sector and who demonstrates this when crossing the border with a Certificate for Workers in the International Transport Sector or with another relevant document from which it can be deduced that they have been posted there by their employer;
  • a person who carries out the transport of goods or passengers to or from the Republic of Slovenia in commercial traffic and for freight and passenger transport in transit and leaves the Republic of Slovenia within eight hours after crossing the border;
  • someone who is traveling in transit through the Republic of Slovenia and leaving the Republic of Slovenia no later than six hours after entrance;
  • a representative of a foreign security body (police or judiciary) who performs an official task and leaves the Republic of Slovenia as soon as possible after the completion of the task;
  • a person who has been transported to the Republic of Slovenia by ambulance and accompanying medical staff in that vehicle;
  • someone with a diplomatic passport.

Which exceptions are no longer in force?

The following reasons no longer count as exception of entrance to Slovenia without quarantine or negative test:

  • involvement in education,
  • urgent business reasons or business trip,
  • planned emergency medical examination or intervention,
  •  owner or tenant of land in the border area or on both sides of the state border,
  • to maintain contact with immediate family members,
  • accessing shops or services in a neighboring country.

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