Restaurant business in Slovenia and its conditions

Restaurant business in Slovenia and its conditions

Opening a restaurant business in Slovenia is a choice many foreign entrepreneurs make in the last time. Due to growing demand of international cuisine it is a good decision if you plan on starting a business in Slovenia and opening a company here. But what steps do you have to take before you can offer your cuisine to your guests?

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Company registration in Slovenia

The first step in starting your restaurant business in Slovenia is opening a company. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company with 7.500 EUR capital. Within the LTD company you will have to register the appropriate business activities. But before you can start to offer your services to clients, you will have to fulfill specific conditions.

The space where your restaurant business is located

The object of your restaurant’s location requires obtaining an operating permit. You will also have to label your company name, business seat and the name and type of restaurant. All inscriptions have to be in Slovene language. Also, the entrance to the premises has to be lightened in night time.

Outside areas of your restaurant business

If your restaurant also has outdoor areas, you have to manage them according to the legislation and mark them appropriately. You will also have to ensure unobstructed entrance to the restaurant and appropriate parking.

Additionally, you would need to ensure water supply, sewage, fire safety and inclusion to the electricity system.

Also, your restaurant business will have to abide by minimal standards for the premises. Your restaurant will have to have a kitchen, catering room behind the counter, toilets for guests, wardrobes and toilets for employees, spaces for entertainment programs (if you will have live music).

Business hours and price lists

You will have to receive approval from the municipality regarding the business hours of your restaurant. The company has to obtain it at least 15 days before the start of the business conduct. You will need to post the schedule on a visible surface, near the entrance to the premises.

Additionally, the restaurant needs to provide the prices of the products and services in advance. They need to be legibly written and at the guests’ disposal in all spaces, where you offer the services.

Safety of food products

Restaurant business requires that you offer only those food products that do not pose a danger to the guests’ health with proper use.

You need to ensure traceability of the products, up until the suppliers. You have to label the products appropriately and present them to consumers in a way that is not misleading.

Alcohol and tobacco products

The restaurant will also have to abide by the restrictions in selling alcohol and tobacco products. Selling of such products is limited to persons over the age of 18. You will also need to abide by time limit of selling such products. If you plan on offering smoking areas, those spaces also need to abide by specific regulations.

Selling tobacco also requires to obtain a permit in advance.

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