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Every company has to register a company address and business seat in the business registry. The future entrepreneur determines both when establishing the company. Below, we are explaining how the company address and business seat differ from one another.

What is a company’s business seat?

The Companies Act (ZGD-1) determines that the business seat of a company is a town, where the company will carry out the business activity. Also, it can be the place where the company’s management operates. This means that the business seat of a company can be Ljubljana, Maribor etc. It is not the actual street address in that town.

What is a company address?

The company address is the actual address of the company. It includes the street name and number in the town, where the company has the business seat.

Mainly, you can determine the company address at:

  • The space, where the company will carry out the business activity or
  • The premise, where the company will manage the company’s business or
  • The space where the management of the company operates from.

If an entrepreneur is not the owner of the space, where the company address will be located, he has to submit a verified statement of the owner of the business space. With it, the owner allows the entrepreneur to carry out its business activity on that address.

The statement does not need to be verified in case the entrepreneur is the owner of the business address because it can be verified at our VEM point when making the registration. It also does not need to be verified if the owner of the business space will be also present at the company registration at our VEM point.

Company address – can it be a residential building?

The entrepreneur can choose a business premise in a commercial building. In addition, can also choose to register the company address at a residential building such as an apartment or house. Every entrepreneur, who carries out a silent business activity or a business activity which does not require a specific business space, can register the company address in a residential building.

What can Data do for you?

At our VEM point, we can assist you to register a company in Slovenia. Also, you can change your company address free of charge. If the owner of the business premises is with you, we can verify the statement of the owner of the company address.

Should you not have a space, where you would register your business address, we also provide the services of virtual office to clients of our accountancy service.

If you have any questions or doubts if your business activity requires a specific company address, our legal department can help you to understand the conditions.

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