Choices of business development in Slovenia

Choices of business development in Slovenia

Are you considering starting a business in Europe? Even in times of the global pandemic, the European market have proven itself to be one of the best choices for business expansion. Slovenia is one of the most prosperous countries in the EU and it offers various possibilities on business expansion, depending on your previous experience.

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Choices of business development – opening a new LTD company

The easiest way to start a business in Slovenia is opening a limited liability company as a natural person. Here, you do not have to have any previous business experience and you can start your business completely fresh. You only need to obtain a Slovenian tax number and provide a business address for the company. Company DATA can offer support for both services. When registering a limited liability company, you have to deposit 7500€ share capital. After company registration, you can use these funds for business expenses.

Choices of business development – registering a subsidiary

When you want to expand your existing business you also have the choice of opening a subsidiary. This is a daughter company, which is also a limited liability company. The only difference is that here, a legal entity is the owner of the company. It also means that you have to deposit the share capital from the parent company’s bank account. With a subsidiary, you also need to obtain a Slovenian tax number but not only for the representative but also for the parent company. The share capital is still 7500€ and you also need a business address.

A subsidiary is still a separate and independent legal entity. It means that you do not have to report the business conduct and financial reports in the country where the parent company has its seat. Additionally, it can also do any business activity not only the ones which the parent company registered.

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Choices of business development – registering a branch office

The choice to expand the business is also possible with opening a branch office. A branch office is only an extension of the parent company on a new territory. Mostly it is used for marketing purposes but it can also do the same business activities which the parent company has registered. Here, you do not have to present share capital as the branch office is completely dependent on the parent company. The registration of the branch is possible with a notary in Slovenia but the documents can also be submitted through authorization. DATA can offer the services to both obtain the necessary documents for registration as well as submit the application with the notary.

In addition to the Slovenian tax number for parent company and representatives, the branch office has to present also the previous yearly financial report, act of establishment of the parent company and a new extract from the business registry of the parent company. A branch office is only allowed to conduct those business activities which also the parent company registered.

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