Company owner in Slovenia/EU and employment

Company owner in Slovenia EU and employment

Company owner in Slovenia

Company owner in Slovenia is a natural or legal person who opens a company in Slovenia. People often ask us if it the company owner has to get employed in the company. This is very important for those who already work somewhere else. In this article, we answer your questions related to the company owner and if he has to also be the employee of the company.

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Company owner in Slovenia – do you have to be employed?

In case you have opened a business in Slovenia and you are already in a work relationship, you do not need to work in this company as well. This is very important for those  who are already employed full-time in their company and do not plan to work in their new company in Slovenia. Without employment, the owner of the company has no right to be in Slovenia for more than the time allowed by a tourist or business visa.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Company owner in Slovenia: what about short-term work?

What are you options for working for a short time? The law in Slovenia allows you to register the short-term work of a foreign director. You can do that for the time you do business here. But you can do it for a maximum of up to 3 months in a calendar year. You also have another option, which is to do cross-border services and works. If you open a subsidiary in Slovenia or a branch, you can perform the works for up to 1 year. The owner of the company still remains an employee of the parent company in the home country.

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What if you are not employed in your homeland?

However, if the company owner in Slovenia is not employed in his company in the home country, then they must be employed in the Slovenian company. If you are a non-EU citizen, then you must first meet the conditions for obtaining a residence and work permit in Slovenia.

These conditions are as follows:

In one LTD you can get one work permit for a foreign director. For all other work permits your candidates have to pass labor market control.

You may apply for a work permit if the company meets one of these conditions:

  • Invests in fixed assets in the amount of 50,000 EUR,
  • If they have at least 6 months one full-time employee who is EU citizen
  • If in each of the last 6 months the company has revenues in the amount of 10,000 EUR

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