Director and owner of a company in Slovenia/EU

Director and owner of a company in SloveniaEU

Director and owner of a company in Slovenia – what are the differences?

Are you starting a business in Europe and want to do it with a Slovenian company? Then it is important to know when you become a director and owner of the company. Those are two different positions in the company. We will explain both of them in this article.

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The owner of a company in Slovenia

An owner of a limited liability company in Slovenia is also the shareholder. It is the person who gives the share capital. In a LTD, there can be more than one owner. The owner can be a natural person or also another company. A natural person can be both a director and an owner of the company at the same time.

The owner also has to appoint the director in the company. Also here, it is the owner that can remove a director from the company. A company owner can also get dividends in case the company makes profit at the end of the business year.

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The director of the company in Slovenia

The director is the person who is leading the company. It is the responsible person, who makes all the decisions and also signs all documents. A director can only be a natural person who is at least 18 years old. Also, the director can be the same person as the company owner. In case there is only one, then this is a one-person LTD.

There can be more than one director in the company. You can also appoint a procurator. The directors can decide to either have joint representation or it can be separate. A director can be a foreigner. He or she would just have to obtain a Slovenian tax number.  Our legal experts can help you to appoint a director. Follow our Facebook  and Instagram for more updates.

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Who is a director and an owner if you are a sole trader?

Sole trader is a special company type in Slovenia. It means that a natural person does the business activity. The person is the only owner of the company and is liable for business with all personal assets. He or she is also a director in the company. The sole trader can also appoint a procurator in his or her company.


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