Costs related to company registration in Slovenia, EU

Costs related to company registration in Slovenia, EU

There are lots of element that an entrepreneur has to think about when starting a business in Europe. One of the most important factors to consider are definitely the costs you will have with company registration, as well as the costs you can expect when the company is active. We will be assessing the expected costs you will have if you decide to start your business in Slovenia.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Data d.o.o. has more than 28 years of experience in supporting local and foreign entrepreneurs with their business. We provide professional legal consultation on Slovene legislation. Additionally, our accountants can make sure that your company’s books are kept in accordance to Slovene standards and optimize your costs related to the company. At Data, we also provide services of virtual office and tax consultation.

The most essential cost of company registration is share capital

You can start your business in Slovenia by registering a company in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can register a company an LTD company. LTD companies require a deposit of share capital by each of the shareholders. The minimal amount of share capital is 7500€ and needs to come from the shareholders bank account or you do the deposit in cash.

What other expenses can you expect when registering the company?

Share capital is not the only cost you have to consider when registering the company. Your company would require a business address already in the process of company registration. A business address can be a commercial or residential property and you need permission from the owner to register your company’s address there. You can also use services of virtual office, like the service we also provide at Data d.o.o.

The actual process of company registration is payable only if you make the registration at the notary. Otherwise, you can register LTD companies in Slovenia at specialized offices, called VEM points. It is an office with governmental license to perform company registration. Data d.o.o. is also such an licensed office. The company registration process is free-of-charge for LTD companies at all VEM points in Slovenia.

What about the costs for your company after registration?

When the company is registered, you can use the share capital to cover business expenses. In addition to paying the office (virtual or actual office), you will also have expenses of salaries if you plan on employing workers within your company. The costs for their salary depend on the amount of their wage, which you can check in our salary calculator.

If you plan on employing non-EU citizens, your company would have to fulfill additional conditions, which also result in additional costs.

Your company would have to fulfill one of the following conditions to employ non-EU employees:

  • invest at least 50.000€ into fixed assets of the company,
  • or have one EU employee employed in your company for 6 months for full-time,
  • or show monthly company revenue at least 10.000€ for 6 consecutive months.

You only need to fulfill one of these conditions and each of them carry separate costs to fulfill them.

We also recommend entrusting your company’s bookkeeping to a professional accountant. Costs of accounting services depend on your company’s business scope.

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