Register your company in Slovenia – Founding capital

Register your company in Slovenia - Founding capital

You want to register a company in Slovenia? Having troubles finding the right information? Don’t know who to call? That is one of the first questions entrepreneurs ask. We answer you all kinds of questions about founding capital. We also offer you other services that will help register your company. You can contact us by sending an email to or visit our Facebook page.

Founding capital for registering a company in Slovenia – what is the amount?

Registering a company requires founding capital. The founding capital is the initial amount founders must pay. Founders pay the amount on the company’s bank account. What does that mean? That is a compensation for the exclusion of personal liability. Firstly, funds for registering a company is 7.500 €. Some companies have more than one founder. Does your have more than one? In that case, all founders share the amount altogether. How do you pay? You can pay in cash or through a bank transaction. After registering the company, the capital can be used in many business purposes. That is payment of wages, bills and other activities.

Short guide for registering a company in Slovenia

Register your company and higher amount of founding capital

To add, some cases need higher amount of founding capital. You wonder how much? The minimum funds of 7.500 € are enough for most business. However, there are some operations for which you would need higher founding capital. For example, one case is international transport of goods and passengers. For those business operations your also need to obtain license. To get the permit you need to submit a proof. For that permit you need to have a proof of stable financial condition. To be sure, the founding capital is 9.000 € for the first, and 5.000 € for every other vehicle. You can prove that by investing in basic funds. You can also invest a higher amount than the founding capital.

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Founding funds in Slovenia – material funds

Don’t meet the conditions from above? We offer also other options to register your company. Instead of a cash investment, the founding capital can be also in material funds. If you decide to invest in material funds, then they have to be assessed to a minimum amount of 7.500 €. What does that include? For instance, that can be trucks, company vehicles, machines, real estate and others. Not sure about the right asset? Having dilemma how to choose the best one? Don’t worry! Our legal advisors can help you with all questions about this process. 

Why is DATA your best associate to register your company?

Concludingly, are you ready to register your company? Looking for a partner? Why choose Data? So, Data d.o.o provides help to foreign entrepreneurs for 28 years. You can find all information in one place. From tax to laws. Everything you need for registering your company in Slovenia. Moreover, we offer you support that includes accounting, tax, and financial services. We guide you through the Slovenian legislation. It is very simple to register a company with Data d.o.o. Are you interested? Do not hesitate! We would be happy to help you. Contact our experts at or visit our Facebook page.

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