Computer programming as a business activity in Slovenia

Computer programming as a business activity in Slovenia

IT skills are very sought after everywhere in the world and the good thing is that the knowledge is applicable regardless of where you have obtained it. Programmers can adapt to any environment and if you want to put your skills to use in an international environment, consider doing business in Slovenia by opening a computer programming company.

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Company registration in Slovenia, EU

The first step on your path to having a business in Europe would be opening your own company. Non-EU citizens are allowed to register an LTD company. For that you need 7.500€ founding capital, business address in Slovenia and Slovenian tax numbers for all shareholders and representatives. The process takes roughly 1 month to fulfill.

Business activities you have to register to provide computer programming services

One of the upsides of computer programming is that it is an unregulated business activity and does not require you to have specific education or licenses to provide the services.

You would have to register the business activity of Computer programming that is listed under the SKD code 62.010.

If you also plan to offer consultation services on using certain programs or systems, you would have to register the business activity of Consultation about computer equipment and programs under the SKD code 62.020. When offering services of installing or rebooting a system, you need to register Other activities related to IT and computer services under the code 62.090.

Also, managing data would require you to register the business activity under the code 63.110 – Data processing and related activities.

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If you need assistance to register your computer programming company, Data can offer all services under one roof.

We provide assistance in obtaining Slovenian tax numbers. We are also a licensed VEM point and you can perform company registration here.

Our legal department can offer consultation on business legislation and draft contract.

Additionally, Data also provides professional accountancy services and tax consultation.

Should your company be in need of a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

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