Documents needed to establish a company in Slovenia

Documents needed to establish a company in Slovenia

If you have decided to open a company in Slovenia, you are possibly wondering what kind of documents you need to prepare in order to register the company. As LTD registration is very straight forward, we will explain what documents you have to present at company registration in this article.

Documents you need to establish an LTD company in Slovenia – Slovenian tax number

All representatives and shareholders have to obtain a Slovenian tax number prior to company registration. You can apply for it at the Slovenian tax office personally or you can authorize someone to apply for it on your behalf.

To apply for it you have to fill out a special questionnaire and present a copy of your valid passport. You also have to present a certificate of tax residence from the country where you are a tax resident.

With these documents you can then apply for personal tax number in Slovenia. After submitting the application, it takes up to 8 days for the tax office to issue the number to you.

Documents you need to establish an LTD company in Slovenia – statement for business address

All companies need a business address in Slovenia already during the process of company registration. To prove that you have a business address at which your company would be registered in Slovenia, you need to obtain consent of the owner of the business space.

The owner has to fill out a special statement that he gives consent to register your company as the address of his office or building. He has to notarize this statement at the notary or at the local administrative unit. The owner, who gives consent, has to be at least 25% owner of the premises where you would register your company’s business address at.

Documents you need to establish an LTD company in Slovenia – valid passport and founding capital

The only additional documents you need to establish a company in Slovenia is a valid passport and founding capital. Minimal founding capital for LTD company is 7.500€. This amount has to be deposited in a temporary bank account in a bank in Slovenia. These funds would then be available for you to spend on business expenses after the company is established.

Once you have all the listed documents, all shareholders and directors have to come to Slovenia for company establishment. The whole process requires about 14 days of your presence in Slovenia. During that time you would obtain company establishment documents, such as the act of establishment for your Slovenian company.

After you receive the court’s decree of company establishment, you can proceed with doing business in Slovenia.

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