News from Slovenia – no new COVID-19 infections for the past 2 days!

News from Slovenia – no new COVID-19 infections for the past 2 days!

We have good news concerning coronavirus outbreak in Slovenia. In the past weeks the infections were steadily decreasing and on Sunday and Monday, the authorities did not report any new infections. This positive outcome has also prompted the government to decrease preventative measures and business in Slovenia is resuming. Slovenia is one of the countries that handled the outbreak in time. With appropriate measures, the epidemic is coming to an end. This is also good news for foreign entrepreneurs who are looking to start their business as it shows that the country responsibly handles these kinds of crises even for the future.

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News from Slovenia – coronavirus situation is improving!

After extensive testing, there were no new COVID-19 infections on Sunday and Monday in Slovenia. This comes as good news both to the Slovenian public as well as entrepreneurs in Slovenia. Due to the good results, the Slovenian economy can restart almost at full as this week we have seen loosening of the preventative measures in Slovenia along with normalization. This included opening certain businesses like restaurants, hair and beauty salons, clothing stores. In the next weeks, we are also expecting opening of schools and public transport, with the possibility of resuming travel afterwards. Import and export was possible even during the epidemic, while the real estate agencies will soon also start viewings of listings. As this is good news to entrepreneurs who can start offering their services, it is also favorable to the public. Residents can see life going back to its regular tracks.

Slovenia handled the coronavirus outbreak situation responsibly and proved that we were able to overcome a worldwide issue with effective problem-solving. The entrepreneurs in Slovenia has already started receiving the first rounds of governmental support, whereas the second and third round are expected to be approved in May. This will be an additional boost to the economy so that the possibility of restarting tourism can occur as soon as possible. Slovenia is a country that handled the outbreak with remarkable results, especially compared to its neighbors Austria and Italy.

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Even in unforeseen circumstances, Slovenia has proven that it is up to the task. This good news confirms that it handled the crisis better than some bigger and more experienced country in Europe. This is also good proof that it will react correctly if a future crisis occurs. So, that foreign entrepreneurs can rest assured that their investment is in good hands. Even though the epidemic is still ongoing, it is possible to start the company registration procedures at this point. During these extraordinarity times you can also take advantage of remote company registration.

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