Open a subsidiary in Slovenia and enter EU market

Open a subsidiary

Open a subsidiary in Slovenia. Why is this a good idea? Provided that you already have a company, Slovenia is a great choice for further expansion. It offers good connections with the EU market. Let’s look. What exactly is a subsidiary? How is it different to a branch? What do you need to open one? Here is all information you need. You can do it at Data. Our experts will help on every step of the way. Visit us to register a subsidiary. Prior to that, you need an existing company abroad. Our business professionals have years of experinece in different fields. They will be happy to help. Start with contacting us HERE. Contact us on or Viber/WhatsApp +386 40 530 718. However, what if you don’t have an existing company? You can still open a new company here with our help!

Open a subsidiary in Slovenia

What is a subsidiary?

Firstly, let’s look at some details. A subsidiary is an extention of your company. It is owned by the parent, but still independent. To clarify, the parent company is your company abroad. We can also call it the main company. Do you already have a business in your country? Open a subsidiary instead of opening a new business. Start your immigration to Slovenia. Our business consultants will help. To make things even easier, we offer you accounting services. Book an appointment here. What are the advantages of a subsidiary? Let’s see.

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It is an entity. Most often it is an LTD. Contrary to a branch, it is independent from the mother company. What is the mother’s role then? It can be a full or a partial shareholder. The subsidiary is independent from it. What does that look like? For example, the mother is not responsible for the subsidiary’s business arrangements. It is in hands of the representative. Additionally, they can have different company activities. If you open a subsidiary, they don’t have to be the same as the mother company’s. Why? Because it is a separate entitiy.

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What you need to open a subsidiary

In the first place, you need an existing company abroad. After that, you have to appoint a representative. This person will be responsible for the subsidiary. To register a subsidiary you will need a founding capital. The minimal amount is €7500. It is provided by the parent company. Additionally, you have to prepare the documents mentioned below. They need to be certified. Firstly, let’s see the documents, regarding the mother company:

  • deed of incorporation
  • excerpt from the business register
  • yearly financial report
  • company’s bank account details

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Next, you will need the representative’s documents. For example ID, address, place and date of birth. Another thing you need is a Slovenian tax number. One for the parent and one for the representative. And let’s not forget about the name of the company. When you open a subsidiary, it’s name can be different than the mother company’s. You will also need a business address. In case you have a landlord, you need their permission statement. Whether you are not sure where to get one or the other, don’t worry! Here at Data we can help you obtain a Slovenian tax number. We also offer a virtual office. Additionally, we can help you with company name reservation.

Some of those documents also have to be translated to Slovene. The translation has to be done by a court translator. You can consult our legal experts on what documents you need to translate. They can also prepare documents for you. All in all, they can make your business immigration to Slovenia easier.

Company registration is easy with Data!

Visit a DATA point and open a subsidiary in Slovenia

The process of company registration at a DATA point is simple. Basically, it is the same as opening an LTD. Firstly, you have to contact us. We offer professional business consultations. We arrange everything. Even opening bank account. Then you deposit your founding capital. Our expert will preapre and send the documents to the register court. That’s it. Then you get the decision and are part of the business register. Next step is to start operating. With our help on every step.

I want to start a business in Slovenia

Do you want to open a subsidiary in Slovenia? Thinking of expanding your business to the EU? Let us help you! Don’t wait! Firstly, you can set an appointment with our business consultants. We can help you obtain a Slovenian tax number. Our experts will also provide the documents for company registration. From Slovenia, you can expand your business to other EU countries. Do it with the help of our legal team! Contact us. So we can start. Call our Viber/WhatsApp number: +386 40 530 718. However, you can also send us an e-mail to

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