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Business consulting in Slovenia, EU

Business consulting in EU – company registration in Slovenia

re you considering to open a company and in need of business consulting in EU? If the answer is yes, keep reading this article. But if you need more information just call us! You can reach us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). But you can also write us an email. Our email is data@data.si. Start your own business in [...]

immigrate to Slovenia

Immigrate to Slovenia – want to live in Europe? Open company!

Are you looking to live in Europe? Would you like to get a residence permit and immigrate to Slovenia? Which is the most common way for foreigners to obtain residence permit? By company registration in Slovenia! Do you need more information about starting your business in Slovenia? Then contact our experts! You can call us on +386 40 530 [...]

activity permit

Activity permit – what activities do you need one for?

Activity permit might be necessary to open a business in Slovenia. Usually you will need proof of education to practice regulated and craft activities. That can be a permit, licence, etc. In this article we will go through different activities and show some examples. That is an important part of starting a business. Before registration, you need to choose [...]

Real estate owners

Real estate owners in Slovenia – can you be one?

Real estate owners in Slovenia can also be foreigners. What are the conditions? Can you, as a foreigner, buy real estate in Slovenia? Let’s find out. We also have some tips on buying real estate in this beautiful country. Did you know you can do it by starting a business in Slovenia? Here at Data we do just that! [...]

Fixed assets within the company

Fixed assets within the company – how to invest in them?

Are you opening a company in Slovenia? And you plan to invest? Then invest into fixed assets within the company! This is one of the ways for non-EU citizens to obtain residency and work permit. So, does this interests you? Then start a business in Slovenia! Contact us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Or you can also send [...]

Documents needed for registration of a company in Slovenia

Documents needed for registration of a company in Slovenia

Documents needed for registration are the first thing you have to take care of when opening a company. Do you want to open a business in Slovenia? Which documents do you need? What else is required for registration? Keep reading to find out. If you have any dilemmas, you can talk to our business consultants. Reach them on Viber, [...]

labor market in Slovenia

Labor market in Slovenia – when is work permit not required?

Labor market in Slovenia is accessible to all EU citizens. They can get employed as soon as possible. They do not need to get a work permit. Despite being from a differrent country. What are some other exeptions? Can third-country nationals get employed as well? When is a work permit not required? Company registration The most common way to obtain work [...]

business opportunity in Slovenia

Business opportunity in Slovenia – find your own!

Business opportunity in Slovenia – what is yours? Slovenia is a great country to start a business. In this article we will explain why. Not sure you want to open a business in Slovenia? Keep reading! You can register a company here at Data free of charge. Of course our business consultants will help you on every step of [...]

Process of opening an LTD

Process of opening an LTD – what you need to know

Process of opening an LTD in Slovenia is quite simple. You can do it with the help of our experts. All in all, you can start operating as soon as 10 days after meeting with our expert. You can register a company in Slovenia free of charge. Let’s look at the process of opening an LTD in Slovenia. What [...]

Open a subsidiary

Open a subsidiary in Slovenia and enter EU market

Open a subsidiary in Slovenia. Why is this a good idea? Provided that you already have a company, Slovenia is a great choice for further expansion. It offers good connections with the EU market. Let’s look. What exactly is a subsidiary? How is it different to a branch? What do you need to open one? Here is all information [...]