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activity permit

Activity permit – what activities do you need one for?

Activity permit might be necessary to open a business in Slovenia. Usually you will need proof of education to practice regulated and craft activities. That can be a permit, licence, etc. In this article we will go through different activities and show some examples. That is an important part of starting a business. Before registration, you need to choose [...]

landlord permission statement

Landlord permission statement for your company

A landlord permission statement is usually needed prior to opening a company in Slovenia. Every business has a business address. Do you want to register a limited liability company? You need to find premisses for a business address. The landlord certainly has to give you permission. However, we can offer you another option. Read more! If you want to [...]

Most popular company types

Most popular company types in Slovenia

Most popular company types in Slovenia are LTD and SP. Limited liability company (LTD) and sole proprietorship. However, if you are a foreigner, looking to expand your business to Slovenia, you might find other types more suitable. In this article we will explain the differences between two most popular company types in Slovenia. Additionally we will present options for [...]

documents needed for registration

Documents needed for registration of a company in Slovenia

Documents needed for registration are the first thing you have to take care of when opening a company. Do you want to open a business in Slovenia? Which documents do you need? What else is required for registration? Keep reading to find out. If you have any dilemmas, you can talk to our business consultants. Reach them on Viber, [...]

Minimal founding capital

Minimal founding capital – what is the minimum input for LTDs

The minimal founding capital you need to register an LTD at our DATA point is € 7500. The capital has to be in the form of money.  What is the minimum amount of money an individual can contribute? It depends on the number of people sharing the ownership of the company. There are two different ways of establishing a [...]

deed of incorporation

Deed of incorporation for an Ltd – what should be in it?

The deed of incorporation is the document that the shareholder prepares at the DATA point when he/she comes to register the single-person limited liability company. Do you also want open company in Slovenia? Then call us at +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or send us an email at data@data.si. Start your own business in Slovenia now! Frequently asked questions about the deed [...]

Branch or subsidiary

Branch or subsidiary – which option to choose?

Branch or subsidiary? This is a common question for business owners. Specifically for those, who want to expand their business from abroad. If you are a business owner, thinking of expanding your business to the EU or Slovenia, you will have to decide. Let this article help you understand the difference. It might help you make the decision between [...]

Fixed assets within the company

Fixed assets within the company – how to invest in them?

Are you opening a company in Slovenia? And you plan to invest? Then invest into fixed assets within the company! This is one of the ways for non-EU citizens to obtain residency and work permit. So, does this interests you? Then start a business in Slovenia! Contact us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Or you can also send [...]

Move your business to Slovenia

Move your business to Slovenia with the help of Data

Move your business to Slovenia! Find out all the advantages of expanding to Slovenia. Is it the nature? Is it the people? What about the food? Great employees? Slovenia is also in the heart of the EU, which is a great strategic position. In fact, European Union offers additional advantages. Open a business in Slovenia with the help of [...]

the name of your company

The name of your company in Slovenia – what are the rules?

The name of your company in Slovenia is very important. There are some rules on what your name can be. It also depends on the type of company you are opening. Are you starting a business in Slovenia? Talk to our business consultants! For a consultation, call +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or send us a message to data@data.si. Start [...]