Minimal founding capital – what is the minimum input for LTDs

Minimal founding capital

The minimal founding capital you need to register an LTD at our DATA point is € 7500. The capital has to be in the form of money.  What is the minimum amount of money an individual can contribute? It depends on the number of people sharing the ownership of the company. There are two different ways of establishing a company.  The first one is a single-member LLC. Here only one person is establishing the company. They have to deposit the founding capital into a temporary account at a selected bank. However, a multi-member company can register a company at a DATA point as well. Every one of the shareholders contributes their own amount. The sum of all contributions cannot be lower than € 7500. Have you ever wondered what the minimum amount a shareholder can invest into a company is? Read more!

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The minimal investment of a shareholder is…?

The minimal founding capital amount allowed is €50. The amount is determined by the Companies Act (ZGD-1). Is it possible to register an LTD with 150 shareholders? In this case each one of them could invest €50. In reality only 50 individuals are allowed to establish one LTD. This is regulated by ZGD-1. If there are more, they need to contact the Ministry of Economy in order to obtain permission to do it.

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The founding capital must be in euros

One of the requirements for registring an LTD in Slovenia is the minimal founding capital. The minimal amount is € 7500. The investment has to be in the form of money. However, the shareholder does not have to bring the money to the registration. They can deposit it into a temporary account at a selected bank. When can a shareholder deposit money? When does the company get the money back? How can the DATA point expert help? Read more.

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Here are some steps

Before going to the bank the shareholders prepares all the necessary documentation for registering the LTD. They can do so at the DATA point. Then they deposit the investment into a temporary account at a selected bank. The amount may be higher than the minimal founding capital. The bank writes a statement, confirming they recieved the deposit. The DATA point clerk will fill out the application for the registration of the LTD. And send it to the registration court. The shareholder recieves the court decision approximately in one week. After that they return to the bank. They bring the court decision. The temporary account is converted into a business account. From this point on, the company can access their capital. They can use the money for ongoing business operations.

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Can tangible assets replace minimal founding capital?

Let’s say a shareholder wants to present tangible assets as their founding capital. They can use tangible assets such as machines, real estate, vehicles or intelectual property. In this case the shareholder has to establish the company at a notary. The registration process with the notary surely brings extra costs. The shareholder has to evaluate the value of their tangible assets. To do so, they must hire a court appraiser. The sum value of tangible assets must not be lower than the minimal founding capital amount. Which, as mentioned before, is € 7500. In this case the registration can only be done at a notary and not at a DATA point.

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