Insurance for foreigners in Slovenia when opening a company

Insurance for foreigners in Slovenia when opening a company

Are you an entrepreneur and you want to know more about insurance for foreigners in Slovenia? Do you know how and on what conditions you need insure your workers? In essence, there are several ways. For foreigners, it can be compulsory, supplementary, and commercial or travel insurance. This article will explore the basic conditions and requirements for employers. So, if you are an entrepreneur and want to open a business in Slovenia, please don’t hesitate to call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Our services for foreigners help a lot of people every day! We try to dedicate all our energy and expertise in each case.

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Compulsory insurance for foreigners in Slovenia

Firstly, the employer needs to register his employees in the social insurance system (M-1). To note, he/she does that before the employee starts with work. With this in mind, the insurance system in Slovenia includes basic health insurance. After the registration, ZZZS sends a card to employee’s temporary address. To clarify, the employee can use it for medical checks and other procedures. Moreover, the employee gets only one card. Even after renewal (M-3), the employee does not receive a new card. Why? Because it extends electronically. So you don’t have to worry about or expect a new card. Do you find this helpful? Do you have any questions? Are you an employer and have issues with this? Maybe you want to ask something else? No worries! Just contact our experts and schedule a meeting.

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Dual case for foreigners

There are dual cases. On the one hand, if the foreign employees are EU nationals, the employer registers them for the duration of their employment contract. On the other hand, if they are non-EU nationals, the employer must first obtain a work and residence permit. In short, it is impossible to continue with the registration with this document. Third-country nationals have insurance for the duration of their work contract and residence permit. However, if a foreigner applies for renewal of his/her permit, he/she will get a certificate by the administrative unit. That certificate allows the employer to extend (M-3) his/her registration for the duration of the application. Eventually, this is necessary in situations when the new permit is not ready before the expiry of the old one. Do you find this complex? Don’t worry. We have a team of professionals who can assist you!

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Self-employed and insurance

Furthermore, self-employed individuals in Slovenia also need to be in the register health insurance. They too can use medical services in the same ways as employees. However, you can register for it as a citizen if you already have a permanent residence permit. In that case, you can contact any insurance company to obtain it. Do you find this helpful? Do you want to know more about this? If you have dilemmas, please send us an email at and we will be happy to help! Besides that, do you know anything about taxes in Slovenia? Maybe you want to see our free salary calculator? So, do you have a business idea? Do you have dilemmas how to start it? We are here to guide!

Insurance for foreigners – family members

With attention to family members, the insurance can cover them as well! Of course, there are some restrictions that the person has to follow. For instance, if a person insures a foreign worker through employment, he/she can also apply for the family members. Though, they also need to have an address of temporary residence in Slovenia. Still, there are some exceptions that have inter-state agreements on insurance with Slovenia. To enumerate, these include countries from EU and EEA: Bosnia and Herzegovina; Serbia; Montenegro; North Macedonia; Australia. In these cases, the applicant can apply for the family members even if they don’t reside in Slovenia. Although, they should not have insurance in their home country. With this in mind, the applicant sends a request to the Health Insurance Fund (ZZZS).

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Insurance for foreigners and inter-country agreements on social insurance

What is more, the inter-state agreements provide citizens benefits from health insurance in Slovenia. However, before your move to Slovenia, you must to get a certificate that proves that you have health insurance in that country. For that matter, they have different names for each country: SRB/SI 03; SI/BIH 03; SI/MNE 03; SI/RM 03. Guess what? In view of this, we at DATA provide services for foreigners! We provide all sorts of services. In short, we don’t only help foreigners register companies, but we help them get work and residence permits for them and their workers. Does this interest you? Do you find this helpful? Are you ready for business success? If the answer is yes, just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) to start your process today!

EU Health Insurance Card

To point out, everyone who has health insurance in Slovenia can apply for an EU insurance card. What is that? In essence, the EU card is valid in all EU countries, but also EEA; Switzerland, the UK; Australia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Montenegro; North Macedonia; and Serbia. In that case, you must apply for the card before you go abroad. To point out again, this covers all the benefits you get from the Slovenian insurance. In principle, you get the EU card for 1 year. Again, in the case of third-country nationals, the work contract defines the duration.

Commercial insurance for foreigners in Slovenia

What about unemployment? In the situation of unemployment, you cannot register for insurance. However, if you live in Slovenia, all foreigners must have insurance that covers at least emergency medical services. Therefore, it must cover the same (or more) than the compulsory health insurance. Also, they can take out insurance with any insurance company, both in Slovenia and abroad. The insurance companies themselves have different offers. To illustrate, any cover equal to or more than €30,000 is emergency medical service. Do you find this helpful? Does this interest you? Do you plan to migrate your business here? With our help, we can do that it no time! Just contact us and schedule a meeting with our experts. They will assist you in the whole process. As a result, you can then apply for family reunion! We provide help with that as well!

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In summing up, health insurance is a must-have condition if you want to employ workers in Slovenia. At DATA we provide quality business, tax, and legal services that can help you with the entire process. We have rich experience of more than 30 years. We aspire to make our clients happy! Our experts can prepare all the documents for you. Do you want to start a business in Slovenia? Are you ready for it? Choose DATA and start your business journey! Without a doubt, we guarantee smooth registration process! Last but not least, if you want to follow our work, please visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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