Garment shop in Europe, Slovenia – how to start a business?

Garment shop business in Slovenia

How to open a garment shop in Slovenia and start your own business?

Are you considering to open a garment shop in Europe? Slovenia is a country of great business opportunities!

As a foreign citizen and non-EU citizen you can open an LTD company, subsidiary company or branch office in Slovenia. Firstly, you have to decide which form of the company you would like to establish. Read more about the company formations in Slovenia.

Before you will open your garment shop, you will have to obtain certain documents. These documents are Slovenian tax number and the certificate of non-criminal record from Slovenia. If you do not have time to come to Slovenia before the registration procedure, we can help you out. Our referents can obtain these documents from you based on the power of attorney.

The registration procedure takes about one hour. You can register your future company at our offices, in the company Data. The procedure is free of charge! We are located in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. Our company is very successful for more than 28 years.

To register an LTD company in Slovenia and open a garment shop, you will need minimum 7.500 eur of starting capital. After the registration procedure we will arrange you a meeting in one of the Slovenian banks, where you will open your business bank account and deposit the capital. The money can be used after the registration for your garment shop business.

Garment shop in Slovenia – the steps after the registration

When you will open your garment shop in Slovenia, you will need a professional accountant. At Data we have a few accounting groups, who can help you out.

You will also receive post and if you do not have an address in Slovenia, we can offer you ours. You will receive the post to your business address in Dunajska cesta 136. We will scan every letter that you receive and send it to you via email.

For any legal issues that you might have, here are our legal advisors. They are very familiar with migration law and will answer to all of your questions on legal matters. If you will employ someone, they will prepare the employment contracts and enroll the employees into social security funds.

Open a garment shop and obtain work and residence permit in Slovenia

After you will open a garment shop in Slovenia, you can start the procedure of obtaining work and residence permit in Slovenia. There are a few options on how you can obtain it.

In the case of opening a garment shop, the best option is to invest in the fix assets of your company and you can immediately submit the documents for the permit. You can invest in property, which you can later use as your home or as your garment shop. You can also invest in material or cloths, accessories and other products that you want to sell in your garment shop.

Our referents and legal advisors can help you prepare the documents for applying and guide the procedure on your behalf. They will also explain you the conditions for family reunification in Slovenia and help you to obtain permits for your family members.

Garment shop in Slovenia – start a business migration with us!

There are many new things, especially laws, that you will have to face when opening a garment shop in another country. This is why we are here to help you out with all the steps of your business migration.

The company Data is offering support to foreign citizens, who decide to move to Slovenia and open a company. Before you take any decision, our experts and legal advisors will consult you. They will warn you about the facts that you have to be careful of and be there for you for all your questions. As foreign citizens usually do not know Slovenian language and law, it is recommended to have someone, who can guide you.

We will be with you also after the registration of your company is done. As mentioned before we can offer you everything under one roof – accounting service, legal and tax advice, obtaining work and residence permits, business address and much more.

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