Construction company registration in Slovenia

Construction company registration in Slovenia

Construction company registration – what you need to know

If you want to expand your business, construction company registration is one of the best option. In addition, you can open it quickly and easily! Spring has arrived, and construction work is operating fully. And you, are you ready? Are you planning to start a business but still not sure where. Open a construction company in Slovenia. Therefore, it’s a great business opportunity.

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Slovenian construction company

Open a construction company quickly and easily with our help! Lately we have received a lot of inquiries. Especially for opening a construction company. Entrepreneurs can open one of three forms: ltd, subsidiary or branch office. If you want to open a construction company, first you need a founding capital of a minimum of EUR 7,500. If you already own a construction company, you can open its branch office in Slovenia. Branch office doesn’t need founding capital.

How to register the company?

For opening a construction company, first you need to obtain a Slovenian tax number (for owners and directors) and a business address. We at Data d.o.o. can help you with all the steps. Everything for a construction company, such as obtaining a Slovenian tax number, business address and opening a bank account.

Construction company and employment of workers

There is a great demand in the market for construction company. As well as construction workers of all profiles. But first you need to know few things, before starting a construction company. You need to consider which activities in the field of construction your company would be engaged in. Would you do the work yourself? Or would you hire workers right away? Will you employ foreigners? And from which countries? Would you work for clients or would you subcontract to larger construction companies? Would you work at home? Or would you accept projects abroad? Therefore, a business consultant can help you find the answers. 

For more information about opening a construction company, our experts at Data will give you support in the entire process. In this way you will also get all the answers. And you can also start in just few steps!

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Why to choose Data ? 

Do you also want to know more about business in Slovenia? Construction is operating fully so start the procedure now. Contact DATA for support! Our experts will be happy to help you. We advice you to also visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.

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