Residence permit in Slovenia – Variety of Possibilities

Residence permit in Slovenia

Having a residence permit in Slovenia greatly simplifies living in Europe, and international mobility. Before choosing a country it is important to set certain criteria of most important factors that will allow you to achieve your life goals. Our advise is to start exploring the country – first of all gather some information about it and secondly visit the country and experience it on your own. In the following article we are going to present you Slovenia – although small country, but very promising if you imagined quality life for yourself.

Slovenia is a county where quality of life is ensured, since we are associated and located in the middle of economically important regions in Europe. Therefore the establishment of companies in Slovenia opens the door the world’s largest markets.

Start your business and get a residence permit in Slovenia

Starting business in Slovenia is not complicated at all, because it is can be done thought single-access point where the companies are registered in less than one hour. Having a company in Slovenia is usually the first step towards moving and living in hospitable, safe and picturesque country as Slovenia. Apart from advantages of Slovenia for businessmen, it is very important to know that Slovenian residents enjoy also great education system.

According to the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia, there are several ways to get residence permit in Slovenia, which is giving you the opportunity to reside in county and be employed. You can obtain residence permit in Slovenia, if you run your own business in Slovenia or have a Blue Card, another way is family reunification or education if you wish to experience Slovenian education system.

All of the above mentioned ways of obtaining residence in Slovenia have different period of validity and criteria and requirements. Nearly all kinds of residence permits can be extended if the conditions are met. Our experts will be glad to share their experience and address the problems faced by foreigners in passing the immigration procedure – obtain Slovenian residence permit and stay in this beautiful country!

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