VAT identification number and business in Slovenia/EU

VAT identification number and business in SloveniaEU

You need a VAT identification number for your business in Slovenia in certain cases. Not only for the companies, but also for the individuals who register as a sole trader. In this article we answer your questions, when a VAT identification number is required, as well as when it is a suitable option for your business.

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VAT number for a natural person

According to the law, anyone who performs any activity can be a VAT payer, even a natural person. Based on that, natural persons who do an activity such as e.g. renting real estate, can also get a VAT identification number.

VAT number – who must register?

The taxpayer must apply to receive a VAT number if it is likely that they will exceed EUR 50,000 of taxable turnover in the last 12 months.

You do not need a VAT identification number if you do not reach this limit. You can also enter the VAT system voluntarily. If you decide to do so, then you must use this option for at least 60 months after entering the VAT system.

How to obtain EU Blue Card in Slovenia/EU?

VAT idenfitication number – how to obtain it?

The procedure for obtaining a VAT identification number in Slovenia is not automatic. That is why you need to submit a request. The procedure can take 30 days from the receipt of the full documentation. In the process itself, you must prove with written evidence that you plan to do business in Slovenia. The proof can be pro forma invoices, advance payments, contracts, letters of intent, etc. The more you gather, the sooner you will get a VAT number.

Doing business in the EU

A Slovenian company can send the workers to work in other EU countries. You need to conclude employment contracts or annexes with workers. You will also have to obtain A1 certificates for them. Our legal experts can help you apply for the A1 forms. With them, the worker abroad proves that he is still registered in the obligatory social insurance while he is in another country.

Before sending the workers to work in the EU, your Slovenian company must be registered for at least two months. You would also have to apply for a VAT identification number. The workers on the other hand who will be sent to work in the EU should be employed and insured in Slovenia for at least 30 days before going abroad. The salaries and the contributions will have to be paid for all of them. Our legal service will help you with the procedure itself.

Pension in Slovenia/EU

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