EU Blue Card

Blue card EU in Slovenia

What is EU Blue Card?

EU Blue Card – a permission especially intended for living and working in the Republic of Slovenia for those who are not citizens of EU Member states (foreign citizens) and at the same time are highly qualified professionals. Therefore, foreign citizens, who are intending to obtain Slovenian residence permit, do not need to obtain work permit at the first place and residence permit afterwards. Issuing a Blue card, after your employer applies for it for you, means that you obtain work permit and residence permit at the same time.

What it is meant under term highly qualified employment?

Highly qualified employment is meant for non-EU citizens, which poses required specialized knowledge, which is confirmed by evidence of higher education and in accordance with it receives suitable monthly payment. Latter is to be proved be competent institution of the Republic of Slovenia.

EU Blue card is to be issued by the administrative unit and the Employment office of the Republics of Slovenia needs to confirm it.

In order to obtain EU Blue Card, particular criteria is to be fulfilled:

  • Valid passport
  • Suitable proof of sickness insurance
  • Confirmation form the Employment office

Further, on the basis of what the Employment office issues the confirmation?

In case your employer asks fort EU Blue Card for you, employment office will need following data:

  • Adequate highly qualified education
  • Foreign citizen needs to have signed work contract with his employer for at least 1 year
  • Monthly payment work needs to be in the amount of 1,5 average yearly brutto payment in Slovenia
  • That in the evidence of employment office does not exist Slovenian citizens which are unemployed or have the same qualifications as the person for who is applying for Blue Card
  • That the employer is in the business register
  • That the employer has been regularly paying all taxes and contributions, before application for Blue Card.
  • That the employer reported vacancy
  • That foreigner suits and fulfills all of the criteria for the vacancy and meets the legal requirements.

EU non-citizens having EU Blue Card, do not have to wait, one year in order to claim the right to family reunification in Republic of Slovenia. In that case there is a possibility to start family reunification immediately.

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