Open the company in Slovenia and become a Paypal user

Open the company in Slovenia and become a Paypal user

PayPal services are being used by more than 133 million users in 106 countries around the world and is the largest and most popular online payment system between online retailers and consumers.

PayPal is a service that is used for payment and money transfers over the internet. By using it, customers can transfer money to the accounts of other PayPal users, pay on many internet sites and make purchases on eBay auctions. These services are free, but the system makes money by charging to trader a fee for each transaction.

Many entrepreneurs, due to the many problems with using it, decide to relocate business operation to Slovenia and for that purpose to open a branch of the existing company or a new company.

Speed payment system is one of the basic rights of businessmen. Models of taking a commission to “attract foreign capital” and for the banks to operate, as well as comprehensive and gratuitous control of cash flows, in order to know who is doing what with your money, is unnecessary and impossible.

The main advantages of Paypal system

You are probably asking yourself what are the main advantages of establishing a company in Slovenia and become a Paypal user. With establishing a company in Slovenia – the transit country in the heart of Europe, you will receive an excellent opportunity to expand your business to European market.

The Paypal system has earned himself a great trust among users and clients worldwide and is known as very safe mode of payment, as also seller does not have to deal with personal credit card information from the buyer, but only receives a payment directly from Paypal. The payment from the client is immediately seen on your bank account and there is no time delay due to money transfers from abroad. If you are planning to have an internet shop, Paypal is an excellent option, as its integration with internet shop is fast and simple. For example the entire system of eBay is running through Paypal mode of payment. One additional advantage that a Paypal has is that the mode of payment via Paypal is treated as bank payment through accounts and in case of using this mode of payment, there is no need for your business to have fiscal cash registers.

If you are thinking about expanding your business to Europe and establishing a company in Slovenia, Paypal payment system will help you make your business grow, with trustful mode of payment system which has low risk and is easy to use. Specialists in company Data will be pleased to offer you support in the establishment of a payment system and can also create a web page and internet shop for your business.

If you have questions about company establishment in Slovenia, creation of web pages, internet shop etc., do not hesitate to contact our specialist via phone +386 1 6006 270 or e-mail You can also follow us on Facebook.

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