Business immigration to Slovenia – how to achieve it?

Business immigration to Slovenia - how to achieve it?

The decision to immigrate to Europe based on business is a popular decision amongst entrepreneurs. It enables them to relocate to the country where they opened their business in Europe to personally oversee the business conduct. Slovenia offers very favorable conditions to achieve business immigration and is a common choice for entrepreneurs who decide to relocate to Europe.

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What is the first step to achieve business immigration to Slovenia?

Business immigration is a term used for foreigners who establish a company and would like to relocate to the country to personally conduct the business on-site. In Slovenia, they can achieve it by firstly starting a business. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company in Slovenia with 7500€ share capital. But only registering a company does not automatically give you the possibility to achieve business immigration.

For your company to have the right to employ foreigners it has to fulfill one of the conditions below:

  • investing 50.000€ to fixed assets of the company,
  • or employing an EU citizen for 6 months and pay them salary,
  • or showing company revenue 10.000€ or more per month for 6 consecutive months.

How can you achieve business immigration by investment?

If you decide to fulfill the conditions through investment, you would need to invest into fixed assets of your company at least 50.000€. This does not mean only depositing the money in the account but actually buying something your company needs to do business.

Depending on your business activity, you can invest in real estate, car or equipment. Your company will have to make the investment within 6 months from company registration in order to achieve fulfilling this condition.

It is also possible to fulill the conditions for business immigration by employing an EU citizen or showing company revenue

If the investment option does not suit you, you can also achieve business immigration by fulfilling one of the two other conditions. You can decide to employ an EU citizen who does not require a work permit to be employed in Slovenia. In order to achieve this condition, you would have to continue their employment for 6 months. In that time, you would have to pay them at least minimum wage. After 6 months, you will have the right to apply for your work and residence permit.

There is also the possibility to achieve fulfilling the conditions by showing 10.000€ monthly revenue of the company. The company would need to show this amount of revenue for at least 6 months. There should not be any interruptions, so you need to ensure to achieve 10.000€ revenue consecutively for 6 months. It can also be more than 10.000€ per month, as long as it is not less. After 6 months of this amount of revenue, you are eligible to apply for work and residence permit.

You have completed at least Bachelor’s degree of education. Does it give you any additional benefits to achieve business immigration?

There is a possibility to achieve business immigration through your Slovenian company for candidates with completed Bachelor’s degree. Your Slovenian company would have to appoint an EU director in your company and you will also have to pass Slovenian labor market control before being able to apply for work and residence permit. Fulfilling these conditions will enable you to achieve business immigration without the company having to fulfill conditions of active business conduct mentioned in the previous points.

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