Business immigration to Slovenia (EU) with legal professionals

Business immigration to Slovenia with legal professionals

Business immigration to Slovenia (EU) and investing in legal services is definitely one of the most important investments for an individual, who wants to start a life and business abroad.

Business immigration to Slovenia (EU) – how to start?

Business immigration to Slovenia (EU) begins with the registration of the company. Despite the fact that highly qualified legal professionals in your country are advising you, they are unlikely to be able to help you with business immigration to Slovenia, where the legislation can be totally different. Because of that they can not fully understand the conditions in Slovenia, unless they have studied our legal system. Our legal professionals can help you with business immigration to Slovenia – they will prepare contracts in Slovenian language and, taking into account the Slovenian legislation, will also help you with other documentation in Slovenian language, including, if necessary, legal acts.

Business immigration to Slovenia (EU) with the support of our legal professional – step by step

  • Consultation about the registration of legal entity in Slovenia (first step of business immigration to Slovenia)
  • Preparation of the required documents for the registration of the company in Slovenia
  • Consultation about the registration of your company’s activities
  • Obtaining a single work and residence permit in Slovenia
  • Employment of workers – foreigners or Slovenian or EU citizens, including: registration in the insurance system, settlement of relations with your employees and with government authorities in the field of Labor law
  • Doing business – contracts with business partners and consultation
  • Help of our legal professionals when buying or renting a property

100% guarantee for legal services in Slovenia

We guarantee that, with business immigration to Slovenia, your interests will be protected, when working with other legal entities or government authorities. Legal professionals from the company “DATA” specialize in commercial law, as well as immigration law, so they will always have the answers to your questions.

Other employees of our company offer our clients support for 28 years now – especially on entrepreneurship, tax legislation, accounting, law and marketing.

If you are interested to get additional information, please contact us via phone: +386 1 6006 270 or +386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp) or via e-mail: You can also follow us on Facebook.

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