Creating a web page – Which color encourages clients to purchase?

Creating a web page

Website of a company is very important for business, so think about creating a web page with colors of your company. People are visual creatures, this often means that colors are influencing us, what do we find simpatico, how do we feel and what we will do next (for example are we going to buy something or not). Irrespective of whether we are aware of their impact or not, the colors are always communicating with us, raise emotions and ordinary, they add “that extra something” to everyday things.

Creating a web page

The web page is usually created in order to introduce our company in the best possible light (and, of course, in order to sell our products), the colors and their message really should not be forgotten! Let’s see what we get if we choose the following colors:


Yellow is recognized as extremely optimistic, youthful and warm color. This probably has something to do with the sun, right? For yellow, therefore decide companies that want to draw a smile to the faces of their customers and inspire happy and friendly feelings.


Orange is the color with prominent, aggressive nature and its observer clearly encourages reactions (Buy!, Order!, Sale!). This color is often used by brands for children as it is very successful at attracting their attention.


Believe it or not – red has the ability to raise your pressure! It is a strong, powerful color that causes a sense of excitement and urgency. It is often used for warnings, information and highlights the important buttons on the website. In one of the studies (HubSpot) they have made a test and colored the button that calls for action in two different colors. Some time it was colored in green and some time in red. When the button was red, the number of clicks was 21% higher than in the case of green button.


Blue promotes security, confidence, calmness and intelligence. So it is not surprising that this color is very often used by financial, healthcare and technology companies.


Just like blue, green is also subdued. That color has a calming effect to most of the people and symbolizes health and growth. Many companies, which business is focused on the protection of the environment or the sale of natural products, opt for this color.


Pink is romantic and feminine color that is mostly used for promoting products for women.


Purple color has been considered royal for centuries. It is gracious, mysterious and stimulates the observers imagination. Purple is intelligent, ready for new challenges and with the belief that anything is possible.

Black, white and gray

Technically speaking, black and white are not colors – black illustrates the absence of color, while white is a combination of colors. Black and white can be a very important element on our websites. Black expresses the principle of professionalism, elegance and credibility; White is usually expresses a purity and clarity. If they are mixed, we get gray, which, with its silvery undertones works extremely sophisticated and balanced. We encourage you to think about the combination of colors on your web page and do not decide only on the basis of which colors do you personally prefer. It is recommended that you devote enough time and carefully consider what kind of brand you want to build and what you want to achieve with your website. Beware of the fact that a number of selected colors will not go too far and that the combination will be reasonable and friendly to the eye.

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