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Business advice in Slovenia, Europe

Business advice – important investment

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it is very recommendable to invest in business advice. So how to start your business? What about business plan? How to attract clients? Every entrepreneur should have answers to these questions before or on the beginning of his business path.

Business advice – different fields

Firstly, it is recommendable to have legal consultation for every entrepreneur who wants to start a business in foreign country. As you are not familiar with the law of certain country, legal advisor can warn you and advise you on the legislation. If you Will employ yourself or any other person in your company, you Will also need employment contract in the official language of the country.

Another very important question is taxation in certain country. So, secondly, we advice you to have consultation with tax advisor, who can explain you everything about taxation, contributions, etc.

Furthermore, you Will always  need business advice on business activities that you want to register. Business referent can explain you about licences and permits that you have to obtain for some of the activities. As well as, he can warn you about restrictions of some of the activities.

Business advice in Slovenia, Europe

If you are considering to open a company in Slovenia, country in the Middle Europe, do not hesitate to contact our company Data! We offer full support to foreign entrepreneurs. With us you can get everything under one roof, as our company employes experts from all the fields that you may need.

The registration procedure of the company in Slovenia is free of charge at our offices! We can obtain on your behalf all of the documents that you need for the registration in advance.

Business advice – Contact us!

If you want to consult with our experts, leave us an email to: data@data.si. You can also call us on: +386 1 6006 270 or +386 40 530 718.

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