Living in Slovenia – business in Europe

Living in Slovenia: work permit and residence in Slovenia

Living in Slovenia – Slovenia boasts a stable democracy, clear legislation, a beautiful and healthy environment, and can offer you and your family a comfortable life.

Living in Slovenia – from business to permanent residence in Slovenia

The first contact with the new environment is extremely important; therefore, we will make your experience pleasant. Our company Data is helping foreign entrepreneurs and their family members to start a life and business in Slovenia. You can always count on us. If you want to start living in Slovenia, Data can help you with all the steps.

Most often foreign citizens in Slovenia register LTD, branch office or subsidiary. Read more about business forms in Slovenia.

We can on your behalf obtain all the documents that you Will need for the registration in advance!

Living in Slovenia – work permit and residence in Slovenia

Firstly, if you move your business or expand your business to Slovenia and start living in Slovenia, you will need work and residence permit. Our referents and legal advisors can help you to prepare the documents and guide the procedure of obtaining it!

Secondly, if you as the director of the company want to start living in Slovenia, you have to meet certain conditions. After one year you can reunite your family. If you want them to start living in Slovenia earlier, there a few possibilities.

Data service

Company Data offers multiple services, such as:

Want to start living in Slovenia – contact us!

If you have more questions about life and business in Slovenia, you can contact us! We Will be happy to help you.

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