CE marking: when do you need it to sell your products in Slovenia and EU?

CE marking when do you need it to sell your products in Slovenia and EU

CE marking on products – do you know what it means?

The CE marking on the product informs the buyer and market inspection that the product meets the basic requirements of the European directives. It also states that the manufacturer is responsible that the product complies with law and the standards. If you are considering to have a business in Europe to sell a certain product, it is a good idea to know the path to obtain the CE marking in advance.

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Why does your product need CE marking?

Before you start to sell a product on the EU market, each manufacturer must make sure that the product meets the rules in the area where he will market his product. Once a product is approved for sale in one country, you can sell it anywhere in the EU. In practice, some EU countries in some cases can limit access to their market for products already sold in another EU country.

You can check if your product needs it

The CE marking is needed only for products for which EU specifications exist and for which the you need affixing of the CE marking. CE applies to all products, but not all products need the label. It is mandatory for product categories that are subject to separate directives prescribing the label. It is a good idea to leave the process of obtaining the CE marking to our legal experts.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

You can only obtain the CE marking with a certificate of conformity

The manufacturer must draw up technical documentation that shows the compliance with the EU rules. Some products also need the participation of an institution that is responsible for product certification. A list of them is available in the Nando database. If the manufacturer carries out the conformity assessment procedure himself, the procedure is free of charge. Otherwise, you must pay a fee must to the institution which carries it out. The costs depend on the certification process applied to a product, the complexity of the product, and so on.

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How does the it need to look like?

The CE marking is not on the product itself, but on the packaging. However, you can put the label in the accompanying documentation. The marking must consist of the initials ‘CE’. Both letters must be the same size but not less than 5 mm.

It does not reveal where the product comes from. Therefore, there is often a change in the meaning of the letters CE (China export, China electronics). The marking does not indicate that the product is manufactured in the EEA. It only informs that the product was evaluated before it was placed on the market. Follow our Facebook  and Instagram for more useful tips.

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