Have you decided to start a business in Slovenia?

Start a business in Slovenia, EU

Have you decided to start a business in Slovenia? Do you want to learn about the options for business in Slovenia? If you are also interested in a business immigration to Slovenia, it is essential to open a company here and in this case, the desire for conducting business in Slovenia emerges.

When opening a company, monthly expenses (like having a business address in Slovenia, accounting and legal services, cost of having a bank account, taxes and contributions to several social funds, salaries) cannot be avoided.

The most common activity foreigners tend to decide on is import-export, especially for people, who already have experience in commerce and logistics. But what products can be exported from Slovenia to other countries? What products are unique for this region or have excellent quality in order to be exported to other countries?

These are some famous products of Slovenia:

  • Pottery, especially handmade items;
  • Lace (Slovenia developed its own technology for making lace);
  • Wood and wood products (there is a big amount of high-quality wood in Slovenia and it is sold to other countries of the EU);
  • Quality linens with interesting design;
  • Glass production; also items made of crystal;
  • Natural cosmetics, made in Slovenia. Slovenia is also famous for cosmetics made of Fango (mud), since there is a large amount of thermal springs and therapeutic mud to be found;
  • Export of Slovenian wine, since it has an excellent taste and is of high quality, but is not well known outside of Slovenian borders;
  • Machinery and equipment made in Slovenia, which is already popular throughout the world.

So you have decided to start a business in Slovenia?

Before starting a business in Slovenia, one must register a company, which can be done easier and faster with the help of the company DATA.  Note, that every consultation is performed by one of our specialists, who has years of experience in either taxation, migration law, legal questions or accounting. Our company can offer support in every stage of business immigration to Slovenia, including obtaining citizenship, since our company has experience of 28 years (opened in the year 1990).

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