Business migration to Slovenia – advantages

Advantages of business migration to Slovenia

What are the main advantages of business migration to Slovenia based on the company registration in Slovenia?

We are presenting you the advantages of business migration to Slovenia:

Doing business in Slovenia and travel to other EU countries

With business migration to Slovenia and registration of a company, you also can obtain a residence permit in Slovenia, which allows you doing business in Slovenia and other EU countries freely and also travel on business or on private.

No tax on property

Private individuals and companies in Slovenia do not pay taxes on their own property, and it is paid only for the use of land on which your property stands, which is much more profitable than property tax. The advantage of business immigration to Slovenia is also that if you as a natural person do not have the right to buy the real estate in Slovenia, you can buy it as legal entity and it will make no difference.

Low income tax in Slovenia

You will also calculate how much tax you will have to pay for the company in Slovenia. If your company at the end of the financial year will work with a profit, the taxing is going to be at the rate of 19%. The income tax in Slovenia is not considered separately for each transaction, but specifically on the annual level.

Two different rates of VAT

The second tax that you will calculate in the process of business migration to Slovenia is VAT. In Slovenia, we have two different VAT rates. If you work with companies inside the EU, you will have to be in the Slovenian VAT system. In most examples, VAT in Slovenia is 22% – so-called high rate, and 9.5% low rate of VAT – for food, beverages, residential real estate, real estate reconstruction, hairdressing and cleaning services.

Free education and kindergarten

If, with business migration to Slovenia, you also think about reuniting your family, the good news is that you do not have to pay for the education of your children. Slovenia for all children provides a free compulsory education, from basic education to the university. High quality schools and graduates of Slovenian universities work throughout the EU and are highly recommended.

The high quality of healthcare system

In the process of business migration to Slovenia you will definitely consider the conditions for living in Slovenia. A quality healthcare system is another great advantage of business migration to Slovenia.

How can we help with business migration to Slovenia?

With business migration to Slovenia, comprehensive support in one place is especially important! If you decide to expand your business here and you do not know the law and language. In the company DATA we will help you in the process of business migration to Slovenia. With the registration of the company at our point One-Stop Shop (VEM), we will provide financial and tax advice. Our legal advisors will be with you all the time – we will prepare all the necessary documents, offer legal advice and accountant services, provide a virtual office, marketing services and designing your website. All this is in one place.

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