Legislation in Slovenia

Legislation in Slovenia

Legislation in Slovenia, regulating the registration of the companies, is sufficiently loyal. Foreign citizens and citizens of Slovenia have the same conditions for the registration of the company in Slovenia.

In order to register a new company in Slovenia it is required to provide the tax identification number and a certificate of no criminal record from Slovenia, as well as the statement of the owner, where you are planning to register a company’s address. Registration of the company is free of charge at »One stop shop«.

Legislation in Slovenia, after the registration of the company, does not put restrictions on the availability of profits or to conduct active business in Slovenia, which is profitable on a monthly basis. Also it is not obligatory to hire Slovenian nationals, so in your company can work exclusively foreign citizens or, for example, only the director of the company. Legislation in Slovenia periodically undergoes changes, but if you have started the procedure before the changes in the law, the application will be filled under the old legislation.

If you would like to get an advice or consultancy of a specialist about legislation in Slovenia, please contact our experts to help you resolve any issue related to the application of Slovenian law.

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