How much would an employee cost you in Slovenia? New minimal salary in Slovenia

How much would an employee cost you in Slovenia? New minimal salary in Slovenia

You have decided to expand your business to Slovenia by opening a company and now you were wondering how much the employee would cost you in Slovenia?

Maybe you would like to be employed in the future company yourself and obtain a single work and residence permit based on employment?

How to calculate a salary for you and your employee?

The new minimal gross salary in Slovenia is 842,79 EUR.

The salary consists of the net amount (the net amount is the amount the employee actually gets) and the gross amount (this is the net amount plus taxes and contributions, which the employee has to pay).

You as an employer have to pay the gross amount as also the taxes and contributions. If you were wondering, which contributions you have to pay, we are giving you a list:

  • contributions for pension and disability insurance.
  • health insurance.
  • the case of unemployment.
  • parental leave insurance (for women and men).

You as the employer also have to pay the contributions for the cases of occupational injuries.

In addition to the net and gross amount, you have to pay the employee for travel expenses and meals. The minimal amount for the travel expenses is calculated by the kilometer. It can be also as the price of the monthly ticket for public transportation. The minimal amount by kilometer is 0,11 EUR. The cost of daily meals is between 4,36 EUR to 6,12 EUR per day.

If you do not plan to conduct business with the Slovenian company only in Slovenia but also in other EU countries, we suggest tax consultation with our tax, accounting and legal consultants, who can make a calculation of the salary for employees, deployed to work in another country.

Finally, we offer complete support in the process of company registration, a business address, accounting services, consultation on terms of performing business activities, consultation on labor, migration and economic law, tax and accounting consultation and all the necessary support in your company’s business conduct.

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