Pellet production as a business activity in Slovenia, EU

Pellet production as a business activity in Slovenia, EU

In addition to wooden biomass, pellets are one of the main renewable sources of energy used for heating. The interest to use this energy source for heating is growing in Slovenia as well. This is why pellet production can be a good business opportunity for all, who are considering starting or expanding a business in Slovenia.

Pellet production – growing interests for pellets in Slovenia

According to the information to the European Statistical Bureau (Eurostat), the European Union imports most of the pellets from abroad. This is true also for Slovenia despite the increase in domestic pellet production. We import most of the pellets from Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Austria.

Most of Slovenian households still use firewood as a heating source. But the number did decrease in the last years due to raising awareness about energy consumption. Which is why it is not surprising that a fifth of the households think about the transition to a different heating source.

Pellets are environmentally friendly as well as a cheap energy source for heating. They can be used in households as well as in medium-sized and large companies. Handling them is easy, also transport and storage are hassle-free.

The advantage of pellets is also the simple usage in modern furnaces, where you can use them as complementary heating source. If you are thinking of a business idea for Slovenia, pellet production would be a good choice.

Pellet production as a good business opportunity

Establishing a company, where pellet production is a business activity, might be a good business opportunity for you in Slovenia. The first step would be to register a company in Slovenia. You would have to register the business activity under the SKD code 16.290 – Production of other wood, cork, straw, and wicker products. This business activity falls under craft business activities. In order to carry out pellet production as a business activity, the entrepreneur would have to obtain a craft license. Obtaining this license requires a specific education from the field.

If you plan on selling pellets as well, you would also have to register the business activity under the SKD code 46.710 (Wholesale of hard, liquid and gas fuels). If you also plan on importing pellets, you would have to register the business activities under the SKD code 46.120 (Brokerage with selling fuels, ores, metals, technical chemicals).

Pellet production – what can Data do for you?

If you plan on doing pellet production in Slovenia, you can register a company at our One-Stop Shop free of charge.

In addition, we can also assist you to obtain the necessary documents, needed for company registration in advance. We also provide services of virtual office and business address,  which you can use as your business seat in Slovenia.

Our legal department can also assist you to understand what is needed to carry out the production of pellets, as well as assist you to obtain the craft license.

We also offer accounting services, tax and migration consultation, and support in various processes related to business in Slovenia.

Contact us!

If you plan to do pellet production, establish a company in Slovenia and move here, contact us for assistance!  Write us an email to: You can also contact us via phone: 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp).  You can also follow us on Facebook.

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