Business names you can use for your company in Slovenia

Business names you can use for your company in Slovenia

Every entrepreneur can tell you that choosing a company name is one the most important decisions when starting a new business in Europe or anywhere else in the world. What kind of business names can you use for your company in Slovenia?

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Choosing business names for LTD company or sole proprietorship

There is a difference between the selection of company names when it comes to opening an LTD company or a sole proprietorship. The LTD company offers more freedom when it comes to choosing a business name. Here, you would only choose a fantasy name which will include the Slovenian abbreviation for LTD –  d.o.o. Whereas opening a sole proprietorship also gives you the possibility to choose a fantasy business name but it also has to include your name and last name, along with the abbreviation for sole proprietorship – s.p.

If you are opening a branch office of your existing company in Slovenia, the branch would be named the same as your parent company with the addition »branch in Slovenia«.

The business names can include Slovenian and English letters and can consist of several words. They have to consist of at least 3 letters but it can be an abbreviation. The long name, however, has to include the company type abbreviation and business activity in Slovenian language.

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What are the restrictions when choosing business names in Slovenia?

When registering a company in Slovenia, your company will have to business names – a short name and a long name. The shorter version has to include the unique name which is distinctive from other companies and the abbreviation of the company type. On the other hand, the long name has to include the following elements: unique fantasy name, a description of the company’s main business activity and the abbreviation of the company type.

When deciding among business names for your company, you have to make sure that the name is unique. This means that no exact or similar names are in the Slovenian business registry. Also, you cannot use registered trademarks for your business name. When using names or abbreviations from towns or countries, you need advance permission from the government to use them. Also, if you plan on using names or pseudonyms of historical or other famous people, you would need their permission or permission of next of kin. You also cannot use business names that are contrary to law or morality.

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