Intended company name – what is it and why is it useful?

intended company name

Intended company name is a process that a shareholder can do before establishing a company. It helps them check, whether they can use the name of the company or not. It is good to do this before registering a company at a DATA point. Why? Because this way, the shareholder can avoid possible changes in the application. Do you want to start business in Slovenia? You can call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp). Or you can send us an email at as well!

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Intended company name is a process, done before registration

A problem lots of shareholders face, is finding the right name for the company. What are some requirements? Firstly, the name has to be recognisable on the market. It has to describe the activities of the company. It cannot be too long, but also not be too short. But above all, it has to be easy to remember. Another thing a shareholder has to take into account is the law. The rules for choosing a name are in the Companies Act (ZGD-1). Of course you cannot use a name that has already been used. To find out if your name is unique, a shareholder can go through the process of intended company name.

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How to register an intended company name

What do you need to register an intended company name? It’s really easy. A legal expert from the DATA point will help you with everything. A shareholder only needs to provide the following:

  • First and last name of the shareholder;
  • TAX number of the shareholder;
  • Chosen company name;
  • Address, where he will recieve the decision.

What if the company has several shareholders? The process is no different. The details of one shareholder are enough. Afterward, the Data expert registers the intended company name. In a few days the shareholder gets the conformation that the company has been registered. In case the chosen name is not suitable, the shareholder has to repeat the process. Until they get a positive answer from the court. After registration the intended company name is put into the AJPES business register.

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Registraton into the business register

Intended company name stays in the business register for a year. This means that other people cannot use it to register a business. The shareholder can use the name whenever, whithin this year. This process helps the registration. Why? Because the register court cannot ask for changes in the application. The name is already chosen.

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