Online trade – popular business activity in Slovenia, EU

Online trade – popular business activity in Slovenia, EU

Even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, online trade was a popular activity for business in Europe. The EU is a large and versatile market, within which you can sell various products and services online. During the pandemic, online trade was almost the only possibility to continue with business activity as regular shops were mostly closed. Hence, many companies had to resort to selling their products and services online. Online trade in Slovenia is possible through company registration. And an online store in Slovenia gives you access to sell your products throughout EU.

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Data d.o.o. has been offering support to local and foreign entrepreneurs in Slovenia with business in Slovenia.  We also provide professional accounting services. Additionally, we also have a specialized legal department that supports business owners with every aspect of business Slovenian legislation, also pertaining to online trade. They can also assist you in implementing the measures that the state offers to entrepreneurs. You can also follow us on Facebook.

Online trade – independent service or complementary to regular store

Entrepreneurs can decide to either sell their products exclusively online or also can resort to online trade to complement their services they offer in a physical store. Opting to only have an online shop reduces operating costs as you do not need to buy or rent a physical store. You can do the business from your own home or a small-scale storage with less expenses.

You can also decide to provide online trade only as a supplementary activity to your physical store. This way, you can also offer the possibility for personal pick-up at the store in order to gain trust from clients as they can inspect the item on-site.

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Conditions to open a company engaging in online trade in Slovenia

Engaging in online trade in Slovenia will give you access to provide your products online worldwide. Since February, it is also possible to use Amazon Europe as a platform for online trade as well.  The first step to start your business, is to register a company in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company with 7500 EUR share capital. The company registration process in Slovenia is very straight-forward and DATA offers full support in the process before, during and after company registration.

When engaging in online trading, you would need to ensure protection of personal data of clients. By the regulation of the “General Data Protection Regulation”, respectively GDPR, in 2018, every person, even a small entrepreneur, must make sure that the collection is justified and properly regulated when collecting personal information.

The online shop’s design must comply with regulations that protect the buyer in the event of online shopping. Our experts in the legal department of Data d.o.o. can offer full support in the explanation of the guidelines as well as preparing the required documentation for GDPR compliance.

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Engaging in e-commerce in Slovenia is fast and easy with our help. Do not hesitate and contact us for support in company registration!

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